Friday, May 5th, 2017

Ofenbach – Be Mine

Erm, maybe let’s just be friends.


Katherine St Asaph: Q: How many of these points for this objectively mediocre dance-rock song are for the distractingly pretty visual? A: [1] [2] [3] [4] [prefer not to answer] [insert entirety of Kay Hanley’s “Video“]

Hannah Jocelyn: It’s time for another Comparison Blurb: Milky Chance did it better, as did Joywave, but it’s still better than “2 Heads”. I’d write more, about the tinny vocal filter or how the bass loop is actually pretty neat, or the uncredited Lana-voice that comes in toward the end, but there isn’t that much to say about this individually.

Iain Mew: The swing of the guitar riff has unfortunate early Kings of Leon overtones, but the archness of vocals and restlessness of everything else offers enough gentle fun to overcome it.

David Sheffieck: Perfectly serviceable dance music with a hook that’s not nearly as catchy as it seems to think, but that’s enlivened by a surprisingly fun production. The bassy lead resonates nicely, the alternately chiming and twangy guitar licks keep the song interesting, and an organ straight out of 60s garage/psych rock is particularly unexpected and welcome. Gratuitous whooshes aside, they’re ultimately flourishes that never quite build to anything that excites.

Alfred Soto: Dance-inflected bar blooze? I’ve a fondness for house piano over latticework guitars, but the filtered vocals amble over from the wrong part of indie town.

Thomas Inskeep: Oh, great, France has their own version of DNCE. And they use a Farfisa organ. Greaaaaat. 

Will Adams: I’m not opposed to a hybrid of mid-aughts indie rock and trashy club electro in theory. But if it begins veering toward Rednex territory, we may need to have words.

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