Friday, May 5th, 2017

Lana del Rey ft. The Weeknd – Lust for Life

Yes, but what if Iggy Pop covered THIS?


Maxwell Cavaseno: This was the tale of two edgelords. She was unable to go a month without sharing a black and white photo of someone dressed like Bettie Page, with a quote in black font about love and pain being interchangeable in a way that was profound to her friends and made her mom ask if she could return her calls. He simmered with rage that so many critics thought The Witch was a good movie and maintained he was smarter than everyone he knew, while rejecting the unfamiliar he thought too wordy. They languished together, on a couch basked in binge-watched prestige TV, as neither talked much but used the other as an emotional anchor and placeholder. They hated themselves; they liked each other pretty good. And when the record came on in the background of some scene of ‘foreboding climax’, both of them drifted off together to the sweet lullaby of affirmation. Beneath the shallow breaths and shallow ‘vibes’, they soon drifted off together, committed to their emptiness in one another’s life.

Katie Gill: For a song about having “too much fun tonight” and having that lust for life, it sounds…oddly sedate. It also sounds oddly Lorde-like, but half of pop music sung by twenty-somethings trying their hardest sounds oddly Lorde-like these days. Both Lana del Rey and the Weeknd interpret the concept of ‘lust’ with syrupy melancholy. At least with the better known “Lust for Life,” you could believe that people were LUSTING for life, and not just sleeping through it.

Will Adams: I’m still thrilled about Lana returning to the sound world of Born to Die, but “Lust for Life” has its missteps. The first is grafting the “hello, hello” from “Without You” onto the already clunky “take off, take off, take off all your clothes,” and the second is the presence of The Weeknd (what’s he owed, considering how little screen time he gave her on his own record?). Their joint post-chorus is a saving grace, though, a windswept exclamation that breathes life into the song.

Alfred Soto: A lust for life — Lana del Rey? Lust — with The Weeknd sharing credit? Del Rey’s penchant for building Gothic spires in grey skies for movies no one wants to see continues, and while I liked “Love” I can stand only one spinner of fantasy at a time and not when the spinner is The Weeknd, who sings as if he’s in a dungeon.

Thomas Inskeep: I’m so tired of Lana del Rey’s faux-Julee Cruise “seductive” cooing, especially because she’s nowhere near as interesting, or talented. The Weeknd is here to use his falsetto and sing “take off all your clothes” with del Rey. Max Martin had a hand in the writing of this, which is entirely unsurprising. And really, a reference to “My Boyfriend’s Back”? Talk about ham-fisted. 

Katherine St Asaph: The Shangri-Blahs.

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5 Responses to “Lana del Rey ft. The Weeknd – Lust for Life”

  1. Get’em, Max! Perfect blurb (Katherine’s is pretty good too :P)

    This song seems like 5 different ones stitched together and none of them are very lustful or lively

  2. thanks a lot maxwell now i’m dead

  3. What exactly is Lorde-like here? I just can’t see it.

  4. Man, Thomas is such a hater. Mehhh

  5. 100% agree with Thomas, lol. Lana’s the queen of repetitiveness for hipsters