Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Charlie Puth – Attention

If you are at a party and Charlie Puth is there you are at a bad party.


Hannah Jocelyn: I love the trend of musicians saying exactly what instruments they played, and even exactly who they mixed a song with – for a music credit nerd like myself, it gives me hope that people will namedrop Manny Marroquin like even casual music fans praise Noah “40” Shebib. And damn, this production is good. Where the first album was mostly lifeless and rushed, with the spirit of get-in-the-studio-appropriate-Marvin-Gaye-and-get-out, it’s clear he spent time on this song. “Attention” builds really nicely, with an especially well-mixed bassline. I also like that there’s an actual chorus — for once, Puth’s adherence to classic pop song structures sounds refreshing instead of dated. Hell, even the lyrics aren’t as awful as they could be! Easily the best song he’s ever put out or been involved in, and it’s gonna be interesting to see if he can keep this up. 

Katherine St Asaph: At the very least, I think we can agree that falsettoing your way onto a hook more in Selena Gomez’s range is tough and takes a lot of bravery and strength.

Alfred Soto: It betrays some sign of a working brain, but it’s a cynical brain, with an eye on the falsetto-anchored electrosmut of Jason Derulo and Nick Jonas. And in the video the woman who wants attention but not his heart moves in slow motion like a exotic dancer, don’t you know. 

Ryo Miyauchi: The specificity of “going around every party in L.A. because you knew that I’d be at one” has enough air of the personal for me to eavesdrop on Puth’s drama. But his chorus falls in a similar issue I’ve had with Big Sean in “IDFWY”: Wouldn’t making a big deal that you don’t care about her and her so-called ploy for attention actually announce the opposite? While Sean had his past bonehead singles for his anthem to resonate regardless, Puth sounds too much like a first-timer with this kind of petty business.

Thomas Inskeep: Is there any male pop singer with a (semi-big) profile whose lyrics indicate he hates women more than Puth? Between this and excrement like “Instagram Models,” the level of contempt he shows for females is really, really gross.

Will Adams: About as interesting and insightful as those YouTube drama channels. Maybe this could be outro music for their compilations.

Megan Harrington: At its best, “Attention” is an unintended examination of the increasingly meaningless notion of celebrity. At it’s worst, and where it really thrives, it’s an expose of Bella Thorne. I know. Who? But also, who is Charlie Puth? And furthermore, who are their mutual extended network of TV pinup boys, struggling instamodels, and desperate YouTube performers? No one. A hyperreal simulation of a tawdry Hollywood that doesn’t exist enough to confirm even the most basic cogito ergo sum brain scan. “You just want attention,” Puth moans, himself desperate for attention, I write, myself desperate for attention and through the looking-glass we all go. 

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5 Responses to “Charlie Puth – Attention”

  1. this is rude of me but why does Charlie Puth sing like he has a baby iguana in his mouth and he’s trying really hard to keep it there?

  2. the fact that so many of my music fan friends even *like* this song is kinda… awful?

  3. @Tomás they just want attention, they don’t want your heart

  4. He sounds like a fucking cry baby moaning about why no one likes him.

  5. he may sound like a cry baby but you could throw literally anybody over that goddamn bassline and I’d still love it honestly