Friday, May 19th, 2017

Disciples – On My Mind

Disciples who needed more inspiration…


Thomas Inskeep: Finally, a pop house record that’s not goddamned trop-house. This is MK-inspired, straight-up house, molded into a three-and-a-half-minute pop record. I wish there was more of a song here, but some days, I’ll take what I can get.

David Sheffieck: Chugging along at a compelling shuffle, Disciples make the most of their hook’s vocal effects and manage to elevate the MOR pseudo-falsetto of the verses. It’s entirely predictable, never anything more or less than pleasant – and yet no dancefloor can be nonstop peak-time, can it?

Alfred Soto: It took a couple listens to get the “Once in a Lifetime” rhythm to the bass line, which suggests Disciples have a hook and a sound but no singer. Somebody should shape this promising material.

Will Adams: “On My Mind” offers plenty in terms of frosted deep house, but Disciples’ production gimmick of multi-layered vocoders — heard briefly on “How Deep Is Your Love” — starts to grate here. Nathan Duvall is a competent vocalist with some great moments; it’s a shame he wasn’t given more room.

Scott Mildenhall: It’s borderline impressive that almost three years on, a new Disciples single can sound so similar to “They Don’t Know”. The difference is a stronger impetus and better vocal production. They’ve upped the tempo, leaving not a second wasted, propelled by a melody that runs electrified through the title. All this is done in moderation, however, never overplaying the routineness of perpetual urgency.

Maxwell Cavaseno: Years ago in some Philosophy class that I’ve already forgotten nearly everything I was supposed to know, one of the people I managed to befriend was a girl of Irish descent who was really invested in wearing those aquasock-type shoes all the time and was involved in some semi-obscure church. She was intending to be an Architect and not unlike the disparate frames of Philosophy I could not comprehend the ‘schools’ of buildings in pictures as much as I pretend to know now about different ‘schools’ of house. I do recognize distinction, but I have a hard time eloquating the lack that Disciples have. They’re entirely tasteful pop-dance with a fine vocal that feels like any sort of dance set filler, but they don’t have any defined characteristics. For them, they’re a well-curated-vibe where their song is just a way to reach for a feeling, and not something to inspire the feelings. They’re what happens when you learn to build without learning of possibility or holding an admiration of choice, and provide an empty word of unfulfillment.

Katherine St Asaph: The namesake disciple must be Peter, judging by what this song does by minute one.

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