Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Winner – Really Really

Solid day all around, really (really)…


Mo Kim: “Really?” “Really!” “Really?” “Really!” “Really?” “Really.” “Wow. Really?”

Iain Mew: Trop trap! It’s a smart bit of beat combination, but not one so creative that it should be the element of the song that provides the most personality as easily as it is here.

Alfred Soto: While I’m not fan enough to hear the differences between their Taehyun and post-Taehyun careers, I am skeptical enough of any track with a marimba and a lilt getting classified as trop house. Yet “Really Really” boasts enough vocal oomph to compensate for its OK rhythm. And it’s selling! Would that it could give Bieber and Khaled a scare.

David Sheffieck: The production sounds a little stale, but the hooks largely hold up regardless — and the vocals do most of the heavy lifting, anyway. It’s enough to make “I’m outside your house waiting for you to hear about my undying love” seem like a cute concept all over again; lyrics like the “If my feelings for you were money/I would be a billionaire” carry it the rest of the way.

Ryo Miyauchi: Those warm, syrupy synths continue to be enough of a comfort food of pop for Winner to just get by. They do stumble upon some goods that could’ve been explored more, though. The elasticity of “really, really” has untapped potential, for one, and I keep imagining how much more stylish this would sound had the edgy half of the four was treated less as an alternative to their shy counterparts.

Madeleine Lee: When the title hook first jumped out in the song’s introduction, like the songwriters thought it was so good that it couldn’t wait for the chorus, I was put off by it. But by the third or fourth go-around, and in the presence of a partner melody, I understood why they thought so. This about sums up the whole of “Really Really”: some good decisions (like the perfect timing of each drop before the chorus) and some bad ones (whatever Kang Seungyoon is doing with his once-lovely voice now), but all made with an unwavering confidence and a sense of joy that’s strong enough to cover for its weaknesses.

Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa: Even if the overall sound on this track goes pretty well with the vocal range of the entire group, and it contains some interesting performances (notably JinWoo and Seungyoon), the “insert trop-house template #223” approach is not a wise move. We end up with a track that’s so well performed, it’s a shame how easily forgettable it is.

Lilly Gray: What is Winner’s concept, exactly? Every one of their songs that I’ve loved has had choruses or sticky slurring bridges that are a touch melancholy and impossible to sing on your own, and instead echo over and over until they dissolve. Maybe I’m projecting, but the edge of sadness that you just can’t shake is enough to keep me in the gentle trap of “Really Really,” which has no orchestral bones, overt weepiness nor a satisfying end, but feels like the only certain point in a feeling you know will fade. “Really Really” sounds like a song for trying and meaning it, with just a touch of strain in the vocals and a melody that will keep going even when the voices can’t keep up. I’m down, I guess, for the imperfections in Winner that provide a little gap for your own feelings to seep in. 

Thomas Inskeep: Finally, someone figured out how to merge K-pop and trop-house the right way, and it’s Winner. This is breezy and lightly carbonated, like 7-Up, and the rap verses from Mino and Seunghoon are great, too. Highly recommended for your summertime pool party consumption.

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  2. I, too, did cackle.

  3. thank you for appreciating my humor!! i appreciate people who (unlike me) were able to find something to say about this very pleasant song.