Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

YFN Lucci ft. PnB Rock – Everyday We Lit

Lit, like a… traffic light, might be… aw forget it, I give up on this impossible task of tying a day’s subheads together thematically…


Maxwell Cavaseno: One of the most astonishingly slept on Atlanta rappers, YFN Lucci’s last two years have been akin to that weird period where Rich Homie Quan was a hit machine in the south but got no attention until Rich Gang taught people that he was one of the best in the game. Check the man’s Instagram and you’ll often encounter videos of him inside of small southern clubs with whole audiences singing along to every word to the point he doesn’t need to perform. “Everyday We Lit” is kind of a generic run through compared to the heights of prior singles such as “Kno No Better,” “YFN,” “Wonder Why” or even “Key To The Streets,” but tacking on PnB Rock to craft a functional banger makes sense. Trust me, though, that if Lucci ever gets a chance to bring the kind of songs on his back catalog onto radio, it’ll be hard to ever get him off there.

Ryo Miyauchi: A brief scroll through SoundCloud should be sufficient to see how generic of a title “Everyday We Lit” is for a 2017 rap song. But this is one by YFN Lucci, who raps like he should end that phrase with a hard-worked “finally.” PnB Rock, meanwhile, plays a compelling counterpart, vibrant and grateful like the sun-soaked beat they both ride.

Nortey Dowuona: Yes, I think its a game. I also thought it was supposed to be at least hefty and interesting. When the singer is a better and more present rapper than you, please, just be P. Diddy. You will embarrass yourself less and make more money.

Thomas Inskeep: This celebratory would-be anthem has suitably bright production from June Jones and a pair of ebullient rappers in YFN Lucci and PnB Rock, making this kinda can’t-miss.

Ashley John: In the chorus, YFN Lucci and PnB Rock’s chemistry is perfect — friends finishing each other’s sentences. Pnb’s voice comes in low while YFN Lucci takes the high notes in alternating succession. Unlike many current top hip hop tracks, it’s clear that these two were actually in the same physical space when they made this record, not emailing beats back and forth requesting a feature. Unfortunately, after the hook they lose steam on their individual verses that they never make up over the course of the song. Still, points to Lucci for taking care of his mom and PnB for wearing a Space Jam jersey in the video.

Austin Brown: Slight in substance (only two verses!) but so, so deeply felt. YFN Lucci and PnB Rock take the swaying stutter of June James’s ever-so-slightly gothic, swirling production and inhabit it fully, weaving subtle moments of reflection into their trap triumphalism. Most of YFN and PnB’s lines work rhythmically first and lyrically second, which is juuust fine for when you’re cruising in the car or dancing in the club. But every once in a while something like PnB’s genuine surprise while singing “I swear I ain’t never expected it to be like this” pops out and hits hard. A banger with a heart of… well, not gold, exactly — one of the perks of making it to the top is the ease with which they can “take a n*gga bitch” — but a heart nonetheless.

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