Friday, June 16th, 2017

Fabio Rovazzi ft. Gianni Morandi – Volare

Welcome to International Friday, where we begin our journey in Italy…


Ian Mathers: The song’s servicable enough melodically (I can already tell “mi fa volare” is earworm-capable), even if the production seems like it might as well come out of a box. Look at the video and if you didn’t already peg Rovazzi as an almost-novelty song guy, you might start – but at the same time, it’s such a ridiculous way to depict a duo and has endearing enough performances from him and Morandi that it’s actually kind of delightful. And then, since I have no idea who these people are or what they’re saying, I go find some translated lyrics, and the song is at least half about the fact that Morandi has been kidnapped to sing on the song. And at least at this precise moment in time, that all strikes me as delightfully idiotic, as opposed to the other kind.

Will Adams: When I discovered it was a comedy song after the fact, my enthusiasm simmered down; the tension between a manicured, shiny pop song and camera-winking still bothers me. Thankfully there’s still plenty to like: the unassuming but effective hook of “mi fa volare,” the dazzling EDM drop jumping between heavy half-time and trance pulse, and best of all the 72-year-old Morandi inhabiting his environment so well.

Crystal Leww: I can’t believe that Gianni Morandi’s old 70-year-old ass made a song that sounds like it could have been produced by Marshmello. I can’t believe that it sounds amazing.

Austin Brown: I don’t know, this isn’t “bad” and it gets my feet tapping, but the whole tone is perky in a way that makes me just slightly nauseous, and the call-and-response of the pre-chorus with “mi fa volare” feels like an easy way to shortcut to having a hook. Plus, honestly, I’m tired of pop-drop dance tracks that underdevelop their choruses and let the chipmunk post-chorus production do all the melodic work.

Katie Gill: The whole thing sounds very play by numbers: you could easily slot this into one of those Late Night With Romeo megamix type of arrangements. Thankfully, we’ve got those blatantly electronic, almost computerish beeps and boops to set this apart from the background noise of the club mix. Besides, the instrumentation is charming and the pop drop is only SLIGHTLY obnoxious compared to the rest of it’s type.

Maxwell Cavaseno: Nothing like terrible music being used as a backdrop for someone so eager to prove to everyone that they’re being so terribly witty. This isn’t a song, it’s the sound of a TVTropes user getting away with charming people, and if you drained away Rovazzi of his irony there’d barely be bones left to prop up this record.

Thomas Inskeep: I don’t know who any of the Italian celebrities are in the video, and can’t get the lyrical jokes unless I rely on Google Translate, but musically this is a catchy little Europop-trash ditty with roots in both Eiffel 65 and LMFAO, but less annoying and more enjoyable than either. Hell of an earworm, too.

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