Friday, June 16th, 2017

Gepe – Hablar de Ti

Next we jet off to Chile and accidentally bump into a ukulele…


Ryo Miyauchi: Gepe’s decision to nix drums to fully trust the warmth, and cliche-filled cheese, of the ukulele tells me he no longer cares about embarrassment for bearing his heart so boldly on his sleeve. He tried to play it cool in the similarly heart-eyed “TKM,” where his love made him at a loss for words until the only thing he can muster to share was, “well, I guess here’s a song.” Here, he speaks in run-on sentences but because he has so much he wants to tell to the one he loves.

Cassy Gress: Gepe’s got cute sleepy eyes and I’ve very much liked some other songs of his, so I’m inclined to think positively of this from the jump. But this song’s got a whole lot of words and not a lot of hooks; if he was singing this to me by a campfire on a beach somewhere, I’d be wondering why he dragged this out past the first verse and chorus.

Thomas Inskeep: Cutesy-poo strummy-guitar pop that’s a bit too Jason Mraz by about 75%.

Stephen Eisermann: When did Jack Johnson learn to speak Spanish? Seriously, though, MOR music is just as boring in Spanish as it is English and no amount of background voices in the final act will change that.

Alfred Soto: It’s got a ukelele, the instrument of death used by thousands of smart aleck guys. A sax solo too, but surprise — it doesn’t offend!

Juana Giaimo: After so many ukelele songs in the last decade, Gepe can still make this instrument sound genuine and far from its usual innocent sound. Instead, the polished production of “Hablar de ti” is smooth and breezy — and even the brass solo is pleasing and incorporates very naturally with the whole atmosphere (so unlike the disruptive brass of Estilo libre and GP!) But “Hablar de ti” is above all a simple love song, about that warm feeling and the smile that joins it when telling your friends or family about your significant other — “I could keep talking about you forever” he sings in the chorus, while in the verses he follows these words and enumerates all the things he loves about her. 

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