Monday, June 19th, 2017

Nick Jonas ft. Anne-Marie & Mike Posner – Remember I Told You

In which the current Most Valuable Jonas honor remains firmly in Joe’s hands…


Stephen Eisermann: Three artists fighting for relevancy on a tired beat does not a good song make.

Thomas Inskeep: Nick Jonas is better than this nondescript, albeit mildly catchy, R&B-pop track with duet vocals from Anne-Marie (talk about nondescript, I mean) and rap bridge from Mike Posner (just no). But I’m not sure he knows it. 

Katherine St Asaph: Natalie Imbruglia’s “Want” reimagined as “DJ Got Us Falling In Love”-style radio melancholy, in which both vocalists make the track do all the emotional work. I can’t remember a thing about Anne-Marie’s verse after hearing it, and the thing about Nick’s is that if your track is about how all those words are just a roundabout way of saying you care, the track still consists of all those dull words. If ever there was a line unsuited to breathy R&B delivery, it’s “I don’t suppose you have a moment to spare me.” Mike Posner puts in an effort, it’s just not the effort you’d want. His supposed devil-may-care verse is undercut by making a 50-years-dated Kennedy joke, probably because referencing certain other recent presidential womanizers would lose him airplay.

Maxwell Cavaseno: Honestly, hearing Nick Jonas try to dip into Soft EDM/Current Day Weeknd nonsense is disappointing. Yes I know most people hated his “R&B” phase, but you at least had the sound of someone trying to negotiate with a musical world he shouldn’t be able to comprehend. By comparison, this is cynically calm and collected and following trends in a way that shows more of a desire to make the hits than demonstrate any desire to make himself stand out. A real shame. Anne-Marie fills her role well and Mike Posner’s fine here too, though I didn’t necessarily need to know he’s going to play “slightly less laughable Mac Miller” on records now after doing surprisingly well on “Ibiza.” The whole track, for a summer jam is so surprisingly… uninterested.

Alfred Soto: Another summer, another faintly electronic Nick Jonas duet with a non-American. This time Mike Posner, who suddenly is acquainted with guest lists, joins in for anemic fun, getting the party started with the line “bitches on the side like a Kennedy.”

Josh Langhoff: Nick Jonas is like an 80-year-old codger trapped in the body of a penis. No chin music this time out; instead he “don’t supposes” his way into a young lady’s attention, assumes she finds his polysyllabic words “fancy,” and shrugs around inside his house track like he mistook a parka for a sport coat. Is he eccentric? Hapless? Nobody knows but he seems nice enough, so just keep your distance and let him hang out in the top ten for a couple weeks.

Julian Axelrod: Nick Jonas has proven himself to be an exceptional collaborator, especially on last year’s exceptional Tove Lo duet “Close.” He’s generous enough to give his partners room to shine, but confident enough to hold his own. “Remember I Told You” finds Jonas playing off British guest-singer-du-jour Anne-Marie, and they acquit themselves well in this former lovers’ tête-à-tête — like Drake and Rihanna without the ego. The whole affair is passionate but restrained, perfectly capturing the apathetic front we put on for people we used to care about. But Posner’s verse really sinks this for me. He stumbles through a laundry list of sadboy platitudes, ruining the chemistry like a little brother barging in on a date. Maybe collaboration isn’t always Nick Jonas’s best move.

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