Monday, July 10th, 2017

Anitta – Paradinha

Anitta takes on brevity… and Spanish.


Alfred Soto: She’s no saint, she’s got an attitude, and she knows her way around a hook — at 2:25 a bargain.

Jessica Doyle: The song is as summery-slight as it gets (which makes its 2:25 running time a virtue, not a flaw). That leaves us with the video and its humor, and to be honest I had already been won over by Anitta and her sly smile, making a co-conspirator of the viewer, well before she started twerking in front of Katz’s Delicatessen. She’s delightful, kayn aynhoreh.

Austin Brown: Market-tested, all-around pleasant, and extremely hard for me to care about. I hadn’t listened to Anitta before this, but listening back to her earlier, more local releases, I can see how she got as big as she did in her native Brazil: there’s a casual poise to her performance that works as a counterpoint to the busy electro-dancehall rhythms. Here, though, her instrumental dancing partner is missing, sanded down into a simple dembow, and she never manages to make her presence felt as a result.

Micha Cavaseno: I know I’m softening up in my age because I’m listening to a reggaeton song and enjoying it, though admittedly it actually hits a more satisfying axis of latin and dancehall influences than the genre that attacked me through floorboards in apartment buildings on Sundays so many years ago. Anitta’s vocal and the accompanying riddim is bland as it is smooth unfortunately, which means if anything I’m also being impressed with how little there is to attack it. Perhaps less “just right” than “perfectly ignorable.”

Joshua Minsoo Kim: That smooth midsong excursion completely reframes the entirety of “Paradinha” and I can’t help but be amused by such a simple and elegant solution to reducing the redundancy of an otherwise straightforward reggaeton track.

Ryo Miyauchi: Eager to flaunt yet far from a blown ego, Anitta hits the sweet spot with her body talk. And the beat matches her swagger. Though it doesn’t bark for your attention, it has a swing that’s difficult to keep off your sight. Neither have to pry because both just know they’ll come.

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5 Responses to “Anitta – Paradinha”


  2. Yes! We have to support Sua Cara, please!!

  3. I meant “cover” — but I guess I really like Anitta and want to support her too!

  4. I e-mailed suggesting Sua Cara literally the day it was out!! “Support” is a strangely apt word for Anitta, as some of her international success so far is probably due to her massive fanbase in Brazil capaigning to get her videos trending overseas with proxies and requesting her songs in every radio possible. People are very invested in making her the new Shakira.

  5. in my opinion this song went #1. for 12 weeks in the U.S.