Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Jonas Blue ft. William Singe – Mama

Not buying that this wasn’t heavily inspired by Moldova’s entry at this year’s Eurovision tbh


Ryo Miyauchi: Jonas Blue makes a case that EDM in 2017 is not all that different from what it was in 2012 with regret still being the worst thing to have in your life. But what I miss from the genre’s more trashy era is the sense of feeling within the music that you just might have indulged a bit too much to correct that. From tempo to aesthetic comfort, everything here is leveled to remove any unwanted risks. It’s all pitch perfect — too perfect.

Katherine St Asaph: “Mama, don’t stress your mind, we’re coming home tonight,” quoth the chorus. They needn’t worry; the production and carpe diem piffle are way farther past their curfew.

Alfred Soto: I’m surprised Bieber + Khaled + Sia didn’t wrest this track from Jonas Blue’s too eager hands.

Tim de Reuse: A slack-jawed phantom of all the feel-good bangers from years long past, dutifully going through the motions as if nobody’s tired of tropical bells yet, too indebted to the stuff that already felt last-year last year to ever have a chance of sticking in your memory as anything other than a vague notion of “Oh, yeah, it was that type of song.”

Scott Mildenhall: It’s almost heartwarming that in such tightly controlled times for the designation of pop stardom, Jonas Blue, like Sigma and Sigala before him, could build on a fairly lazy semi-cover to become a trusted, name-brand hitmaker. If he ever makes a song that sounds anything more than 10% different to this, he may even sustain his success. If anything, this very unexcitable local radio filler is a step back from the surreptitiously banging “By Your Side,” as well as the dynamism of “Perfect Strangers.”

Will Adams: There’s something cute about this partially being about a son assuring his mother not to worry about him and his friends going out for the night. Cheesy, sure, but with Jonas Blue rehashing himself this hard, it’s the only saving grace.

Iain Mew: The moment when at the start of the chorus when a reggae-like drum fill comes crashing in suggests there may be some innovation here in the sheer weight of oversued musical summer signifiers piled into one song. Yet even that disappears as soon as it arrives, leaving one more iteration of that drop where the synth approaches the sound of someone dutifully shouting “ooh.”

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2 Responses to “Jonas Blue ft. William Singe – Mama”

  1. While writing this I discovered that William Singe earlier this year released a Weeknd-ish single that interpolates Jennifer Paige

  2. Nothing I could have written would improve on the Unbreak My Chart take; it went something like “now close your eyes, and imagine how you think this song sounds…” *fades in drop*

    Ryo’s blurb is great, even though I’d argue this is far more the “Don’t You Worry Child” brand of EDM than the hedonistic, on-the-edge one described.

    Also Katherine using the word piffle makes me very happy

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