Friday, July 14th, 2017

Blackpink – As If It’s Your Last

Try harder, YG.

Maxwell Cavaseno: In an inspired decision, Baby 2NE1 have learned from their possible mistakes and decided hey: we don’t have to do what the group who was scuttled and destroyed with intense pressure to Constantly Be Cool 24/7 And Ultimately Failed did! We can just have fun! Of course, they did that by er, emulating Red Velvet’s first single, only to plunge in possibly the most generic electro-disco breakdown that doesn’t fit the song at all… but never mind that! The fact is, if Blackpink maybe back further and further away from being so damn serious and learn how to actually sound inviting, they’d feel less like the event you CAN’T MISS and more like the event you need to visit.

Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa: It’s not quite the wisest move from YG to give their 2NE1 sequel group a song meant for the originals, not only because it feels forced, but because you can almost hear how CL and Park Bom would have given better takes on this beat.

Anjy Ou: Usually I love 2NE1’s genre mashup but these synths are clunky and the drums are corny. It would have barely passed muster in 2009… wait, seriously? This is a Blackpink single? Blackpink was created to step into 2NE1’s shoes, the only difference being that instead of using regular girls and “not allowing them to have plastic surgery”, they got conventionally attractive girls to save them the trouble of actually putting out good music. “As If It’s Your Last” is literally a discarded 2NE1 song. YG has used this faux-Caribbean/EDM mashup for so long, but I’m not sure it ever worked? I think we’re all just accustomed to the grating on the ears. The entire world has moved on from this faux-reggaeton sound (2017’s version is more faux soca). YG needs to get with the program.

Adaora Ede: 2013 was a great time! I feel like I foresaw a lot of this in some dystopian pipe dream that occurred to me when this song  came out, but I don’t think any amount of G-Dragon saying the n-word  and CL rocking grills and bandanas would’ve prepared me for the audio  attack that was Lisa adopting a Baltimorean accent and dropping the line  “you gon finna catch me”. As you can tell, rather than diverge into  cute like fellow girl group monsters like Twice and Red Velvet do after  appearing on the scene with tougher/more sultry songs, the “pink” side  of Blackpink jumps straight into kitsch. So, instead of adorkable  catchphrases and point dances, we are given a working new wave synth  line behind glimpy percussion, glimmers of which hold the chorus up more  strongly than it should. Checkmate for  bubblegum-electro-raggasynth, I guess?

Iain Mew: I’m pleased I’m not the only one to think 2NE1 peaked with “I Love You.”

Joshua Minsoo Kim: They can shout “Blackpink in your area” as much as they want but that won’t distract anyone from thinking that this is a 2NE1 song. And more than any of their other singles, “As If It’s Your Last” makes it incredibly easy to pinpoint exactly where CL, Dara, Minzy, and Bom could have been slotted in. But even then, it’s impossible for me to deny how well crafted this is, and how refreshing it sounds in K-pop’s current musical climate. That verse is bombastic, a sped-up dem bow rhythm with whirring synths that sounds like YG’s take on “Pon de Floor” and it segues ever so cleanly into country pastiche. The dinky 80s dance-pop chorus is a bit out of place but the “Kiss me like it’s a lie, as if I’m your last love” sells every bit of glistening infatuation that it’s striving for.

Alex Clifton: Look, I was fully prepared to give this song a lower score. It’s not super-cohesive; the verses, pre-chorus, and chorus all feel Frankensteined from different songs. But there’s something about this song I can’t shake–I listen to it at least once a day and jump around to the chorus if I’m not at the bus stop and nobody’s watching me. It’s the most saccharine thing we’ve got so far from Blackpink (to go along with the “Pink” concept of the band) and they make it joyously infectious. I love hearing when people have fun with their music; this is one of those times.

Thomas Inskeep: The chorus, which seems to come out of nowhere and is nothing like what comes before or after it, sounds like a fusion of the best of Kylie Minogue and Taylor Dayne, both circa 1987. And the verses are delightfully weird, too. This is Frankenstein pop that shouldn’t work but absolutely does.

Alfred Soto: With the stitches showing on every section of this readymade, I wonder whether YG is trying too hard to please everyone.

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7 Responses to “Blackpink – As If It’s Your Last”

  1. mmmmmmm there’s still time to take this article down and reassess

  2. way better than their previous singles and every 2NE1 single except I Love You and I Am The Best but i really love the frankenstein thing when it works (which a lot of 2NE1 singles tried and failed to do)

  3. @Liam completely agreed although I do like Whistle about as much as this. I suppose it helps that I find the rapping far less grating than CL on [a lot of songs].

    Also, surprised no one else mentioned the pre-chorus/bridge aiming for a Western film theme as it might be my favorite thing about this.

  4. This is so disappointing, why did it score so high.

  5. So so Dissapointing! i SMH for it.

  6. song is very good

  7. its cool.. really interesting.. but the score tho! keep it up poster