Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Jax Jones ft. Demi Lovato and Stefflon Don – Instruction

Step one: Promote your singles by putting the title and your Bitmoji on various food items. Step two: Profit.


Stephen Eisermann: Jax Jones has done something I never thought possible: he gave Demi Lovato a platform where she actually sounds marketable on a dance-track. Demi definitely has vocal talent, but her insistence on over singing everything and squeezing everything possible out of a single note makes her music unpleasant. Here, Jax has her sing on a staccato rhythm and it does wonders — the combination of the quick, island infused drums and commanding (if generic) lyrics suit Demi’s persona well. Still, she is majorly outclassed when Stefflon Don hops on and provides this island-EDM hybrid with some much needed oomph, though I hope this collaboration resulted in Demi gaining insight that sometimes a song can do with more attitude and less screaming.

Will Adams: This is basically just a Fifth Harmony dance remix, which is fine. Not so fine is that Demi Lovato gets to play hypewoman the whole time while Stefflon Don barely gets a full verse.

Micha Cavaseno: More blasé poppy tech house with Demi Lovato attempting to mirror Stefflon’s patois to blend in (yikes!). The appropriation debate can be had by any, but listening to Demi say “Cock up ya waist” in that flat tone with no understanding that it is supposed to be an erotic demand kind of underlies to how devoid of enthusiasm this record actually is. Likewise, Stefflon still feels like a series of logical attempts to convince people she’s a star despite not doing anything cool musically.

Iain Mew: That I underrated “You Don’t Know Me” only becomes more apparent as Demi Lovato works through reference after command after reference to produce anywhere near the level of personality RAYE had on that song.

Thomas Inskeep: I thought (and think) that Jones’s previous single “You Don’t Know Me” is crap, but this is quite an improvement: a summertime soundsystem house jam with hints of steel drums, a nicely attitudinal vocal from Lovato, and a solid bridge from Stefflon Don.

Alfred Soto: I could be listening to Paul Simon’s “The Obvious Child,” thanks to those drums over the intro. Nabbing Demi Lovato to emote over this bootylicious freestyle-Destiny’s Child mix guarantees gay club play.

Ryo Miyauchi: From the rap cadence to throwaway ad libs, any of Demi’s peers can land a similar result by just following the simple club-pop instructions. Besides, Demi deserves better material for dance pop than a cheap Supremes/Diana Ross punchline.

Austin Brown: Cluttered, confused, and hyperactive, but I think I might be willing to come around on it if only Demi Lovato was surgically extracted and replaced with more Stefflon Don verses and, I don’t know, Kehlani on the chorus? As is, the (poly)rhythmic potential of Jones’s production is neutralized by Lovato’s half-assed vocal fry.

Scott Mildenhall: Looking at Jax Jones’ account of this song’s creation, it doesn’t seem unfair to posit precisely what it sounds like: that Demi Lovato’s name was drawn to appear on this from a celebrity tombola. There must be infinite acts to whom it would be better suited, and while she fails to sink it entirely, she comes close during the chorus to sounding like an Ameritz Tribute to her own song. Otherwise, “Instruction” resembles a Safri Duo collaboration with Black Lace; a dream finally somewhat fulfilled.

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  1. boooo this is a banger