Friday, July 28th, 2017

Fishbach – Un Autre Que Moi

Fishbach, we like your bass.


Thomas Inskeep: Slightly desperate-sounding French new wave that actually sounds like it was recorded in 1983? I’m down with that, though I wish it was perkier.

Anaïs Escobar Mathers: Have you heard of Desireless? She was this incredible French 80s new wave singer who I accidentally found years ago while downloading any and all new wave/post punk/that kind of thing mixes I could get my hands on. All of that is to tell you that Fishbach sounds like a baby Desireless except with this smoky, hoarse voice that is so emotional and really brings to mind torch singers of the past. Her voice sounds beautiful and dark over the synthesizers and it really hits the sweet spot if you love New Order’s sound but have thought to yourself, “this could be moodier.”

Will Adams: The Italo touches are nice, but I suspect Fishbach’s deep (and fantastic) voice could be better suited to something other than that shouty chorus.

Ian Mathers: That is an extremely satisfying bass tone, and Fishbach matches it with a compellingly fervent vocal performance and a chorus that rightly emphasizes both. My French is old and patchwork but I’ll be muttering bits of that chorus to myself all day, possibly while playing air bass.

Iain Mew: Synth bass that’s so perfectly realised as to outdo mere nostalgia, married to a wonderful vocal performance that’s intense and cool and reminds me of The Long Blondes. There’s not that much in the way of dynamics to what she does with the song beyond that (the plinky opening and later breakdown both underwhelm) but the sound is a joy in itself.

Alfred Soto: Yet more synth pop with trop house accents. This time the electro bass is the star.

Ramzi Awn: Fishbach delivers a laid back sound with a kick-ass chorus on “Un Autre Que Moi”, complete with island-tinged synths and solid vocal production. The beguiling tune reveals a strong sense of melody, and the light touch on the drums makes for a rousing single.

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2 Responses to “Fishbach – Un Autre Que Moi”

  1. Is this the most high scoring week ever?

    Also great tune

  2. Obsessed with this song now, thank you all for bringing attention to it