Monday, June 21st, 2010

David Guetta ft. Fergie, Chris Willis & LMFAO – Gettin’ Over You

Didn’t kings of pop used to be a bit more interesting than this?…


Iain Mew: As if “I Gotta Feeling” becoming the UK’s first million-selling download wasn’t inexplicable enough (“Boom Boom Pow” was better for a start), we just sent this retread to number one as well. It’s not like Guetta’s ideas were even that special before reaching such a point of diminishing returns.

Michaelangelo Matos: Funny to realize Guetta is behind the rather good Kelis album, because most of the time he’s utter trash. This is so by-numbers it smells, and Fergie is one of the least convincing singers of all time, utterly unable to communicate believable human sentiment.

Martin Skidmore: Parts have some musical punch, but there are too many vocalists on this for my tastes, and I’m not a big fan of any of them, especially when they sound kind of strained and desperate as on this: at times they sound as if they think they are singing heavy metal.

Alfred Soto: It took all those names to come up with this hook?

Katherine St Asaph: David Guetta churns the Black Eyed Peas’ past year into a slurry, Fergie and Chris Willis take turns wailing, and the LMFAO guys robo-chant over freaky synths as if they’re commissioned to do the soundtrack for Ryan’s Wreck. I’m not sure whether to dance or jump out the window and call the cops.

Jonathan Bogart: There’s something undeniable about Guetta productions, a sort of insists-on-itself grandeur that even if you hate has to be taken into account (the analogy that comes to mind is James Cameron in film). I haven’t liked, to put it mildly, everything he’s done, but Fergie at her most bombastic is exactly what this sort of overdriven schlock-bosh needs. It never quite takes off, but man does it rev.

Anthony Easton: Now this is a proper bosh; I nod my head like I’m in some sort of e-trance.

Rodney J. Greene: Totally shameless in riding the coattails of “I Gotta Feeling”, identical opening and all. From there, it’s only half as stridently obnoxious, but, no coincidence, not half as inspired.

John Seroff: Music for people who find C+C Music Factory too cerebral, subtle as a brick and complex as Jell-O. Looped chants — “I’m’a party and party and party andparandpar and party” — over velveeta synths, Journey keyboards, rinse-cycle sloshing, a badly-bruised hi-hat and Fergie’s requisite acapella coda from a Deep Thoughts Diva make for a track nearly indistinguishable from parody and nearly impossible to embrace without stimulants.

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  1. Chris Willis is great on this and the original “Gettin Over”!!!