Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Coldplay & Big Sean – Miracles (Someone Special)

Do miracles happen when they’re around? Well…


Alex Clifton: The song is pretty inoffensive, with Chris Martin singing the praises of men and women of colour (Muhammad Ali, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, etc), although in a lot of ways it feels bizarre for a British band like Coldplay to make a statement on American immigration policy as they do in their lyric video. Big Sean’s verse speaks more directly to the American experience and slots in surprisingly well. I’m still not used to Coldplay as a dancey band, but it’s neat to hear their sound evolve. It’s a bit clunky, but maybe it will help a kid out there feel empowered the way that Coldplay made me feel powerful when I was 12. 

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Chris Martin’s your well-intentioned father, passing down wisdom he learned from grandpa decades ago. And while you appreciate the sentiment, Dad telling you that you’re special for the millionth time can only go so far. Which is why he went and talked to your older brother Big Sean and convinced him to stop by your bedroom and explain the same thing. He’s a bit of a goof, but you’ve taken his words to heart before; he has a certain way of speaking to you in a way that makes sense, talking from lived experience as a way to spur you on. You’re not sure if any of their words really meant anything this time around, but you’re still thankful.

Olivia Rafferty: I’m still not speaking to Coldplay after their Chainsmokers collab, but tell Chris Martin for me that they’ve done a better job returning to some of that Viva La Vida album flavour with this one. It’s warm, funky, but underlined by those string samples which give it a soberness that makes you feel something, whatever that something is. Bursting in with an acoustic jangle when the chorus hits, we’re all comfortably back in Coldplay Land, which isn’t something special, but it’s something decent.

Ryo Miyauchi: For all the haters complain about Coldplay providing feelings but no substance, it’s actually worse when Chris Martin actually tries to provide some kind of profundity. It’s just something he can’t do: he’s better off referencing heroes from myths than history.

Juana Giaimo: Most of “Miracles” follows Coldplay’s generic positive song approach. It has an encouraging message, loud but pleasing synths and Chris Martin’s usual tender voice. It’s so so nice, that Big Sean rapping that he is “trying to turn Ks to Ms” sounds like a parody of the song. 

Stephen Eisermann: Coldplay has always seemed like the younger U2 and I think this song further proves that they will inevitably become U2. Inspirational, sure, but also very boring; even Big Sean sounds disinterested as he delivers a pretty lackluster verse. I’m sure this will be featured in some rom-com or dramedy during the climactic epiphany of a main character, and I’ll roll my eyes then just as I did when I first heard the chorus. 

Scott Mildenhall: It might be slightly less of a miracle if you have a private education like Chris Martin or Big Sean, but so long as you don’t mention that, the muted inspiration won’t be tempered any further than intended. If listeners aren’t consciously aware of it, and only subconsciously aware of the demographics of Martin’s role call of icons, the song might even seem enlightened without being try-hard. But even as Devonian as he is, it’s hard to imagine Chris Martin’s father, fictional or otherwise, saying something like “look how good Cassius become”. In some ways “Miracles” does sound nice, with a clumsy-but-colloquial noun phrase invention like “bright in your brains” and its gentle vworping, but at the same time it seems to try its hardest to ring hollow.

Katherine St Asaph: The sad thing is, you’d get more substantive political commentary from the guys whose miracles involved fuckin’ magnets.

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