Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Skrillex & Poo Bear – Would You Ever

Most of us… would not, actually.


Maxwell Cavaseno: 2017 appears to mark the period where Sonny Moore’s inexplicable command over comprehending where to go next has finally flown out his hands. “Would You Ever” is jarring in how despite the pitch-warps and glitch-outs this could easily be an EDM song from the very beginning of the decade. I don’t know if blame could be attributed to compatriot Poo Bear, who’s certainly living up to the first half of his name here, but you’d think that Skrillex wouldn’t be so eager to turn in a record that sounds reductive and safe after pushing himself along with whatever came his way.

Iain Mew: That the answer to “how do you split the difference between old Skrillex and “Where Are Ü Now” Skrillex?” is “that, but with all the voice cut-ups” is in retrospect obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less of a good answer. What does spoil it is the midpoint vocal processing of Poo Bear as if he was an uncredited Sigala feature, committing neither to full human presence or full absence, and slumping out of the possibilities of either.

Crystal Leww: Poo Bear wrote “Peaches & Cream” in 2001, and “Would You Ever” is technically his debut single — the cynic in me points to this as evidence that the music industry doesn’t give a shit about songwriters. It’s great that Skrillex is giving Poo Bear his credit here, but I do kind of wish that he had kept the original vocal, too. There are moments where it peeks out in the mix, and those moments sound like this could have been massive. Instead, it’s merely all right — not going to ruin your night on the dance floor, but not going to set it off either.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: The cut-up vocals are arranged in a way that renders them meaningless; they’re flashy but uninteresting, adorning the beat like cheap flickering lights. It’s fitting, though, since the song underneath is just as thoughtlessly constructed. If your single has me wishing Bieber was on board to give it some personality, something’s terribly wrong.

Alfred Soto: An ugly and useless single recommended only to listeners wanting a distorted lifting of the hook from Enrique Iglesias’ “Escape.” People dance to this?

Josh Langhoff: Sunnier than “Kill, Fuck, Marry,” woozier than “Never Have I Ever,” safer than “Bloody Mary,” and just all around kinder than sticking some poor sap’s hand in a bowl of water.

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  1. Poo Bear’s best track remains Danity Kane’s “Sleep On It.” Don’t @ me.

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