Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

TamerlanAlena – Davay Pogovorim

The music video offers the rare opportunity to use the phrase “The Truman Show for the millennial age…”


Ashley John: The music video is corny but with a cute enough plot that makes you watch it all the way though. Similarly, “Davay Pogovorim” is not novel but excels at executing its designed purpose. TamerlanAlena gives us an uncomplicated house track with everything you’d expect but tied up so nicely that you don’t feel silly asking for it. Alena’s vocal are smooth and sweet, and the rap in the middle is timed well enough that it doesn’t slow down the pace. Also, I’m not fully convinced that these two didn’t actually meet in real life precisely how the video lays out, and I think that’s lovely. 

Ryo Miyauchi: TamerlanAlena’s yearning for communication in their dance-pop is very era-specific: the love letters they write to each other here are in SNS form. Frustrations of being left on read most likely won’t age well, but their desire to connect is bigger than their tools. Delivered atop their laser-sharp disco production, their feelings will live on beyond the current time.

William John: This Ukrainian married couple are insistent that they each speak with one another, yet appear to have overlooked their uncompelling vocal stylings as justification for their respective vows of silence. 

Will Adams: Interestingly enough, the song whose title translates as “Let’s Talk” lifts multiple melodies from “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” Unsurprisingly enough, I find those melodies far more compelling when set against glittering Euro-house with pinball synths.

Iain Mew: I wasn’t doubting the flexibility of the marble-bouncing-down-a-glass-staircase synths, but the totally different moods the vocalists bring out of it are some showcase. 

Jessica Doyle: This feels rich and full, even after double-checking by playing it through my mobile phone’s speakers, in a way I’m not used to hoping for from EDM-pop anymore. I was going to pick a nit and claim the rap was a little understated for my taste, but if Google Translate is serving me well, then his calm in the face of her despair makes sense, whether it’s a way forward for the couple in the story or a fundamental miscommunication. She complains they can’t talk; he reassures her they’re an inseparable couple, “like Che Guevara and his guitar”; and the music lends weight to a very human moment of disaster.

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