Friday, September 15th, 2017

Maroon 5 ft. SZA – What Lovers Do

What lovers do is find out what the cool kids are listening to.


Julian Axelrod: This doesn’t sound like a contemporary Maroon 5 single, which is good. It also doesn’t sound like a SZA song, which is bad. But it definitely sounds like something you’d hear in Forever 21, which is probably what they were going for. So congrats to everyone involved!

Maxwell Cavaseno: *hits a checklist* OK so we got… that midway point between both EDM *scratch* and post-Mustard pop *scratch*… There’s some post-Weeknd & Daft Punk/Calvin Harris electro-boogie *scratch*… SZA’s here so you can argue Soundcloud R&B was manifested in some degree to be petty *scratch* Essentially you’ve got Levine doing weird cod-foreign accents so I think you could call that Sheeran biting *scratch* I think they went for almost as many trends in a song for the current climate without being obtrusive, which is pretty bold! Shame it’s so uninteresting.

Alfred Soto: Never one to shirk his fealty to the lowest common denominator, Adam Levine notices the kids like this Bieb-ified trip house stuff, and, by gum, that’s what he gives’sm. As for the hook, I’m sure his mom loves him.

Stephen Eisermann: Even though this feels a bit trend-chasey with the SZA feature, this feels more familiar to Maroon 5 than many of their most recent singles. The beat is groovy, Adam’s falsetto sounds sexy again (finally!), the song is catchy, and everything just works seamlessly. SZA and Adam’s voices sound terrific together and SZA lets her voice play coy and be provocative all at once. Basically, these sexy-ass people made a sexy-ass song.

Will Adams: Mildly unnecessary: a bowdlerized version of Neiked and Dyo’s “Sexual” when that already existed. Wildly unnecessary: SZA, after releasing an adored record this year, having to play second fiddle to Adam Levine doing another pleasant, plastic disco song.

Katherine St Asaph: If I can forget that SZA is a thousand times better than Maroon 5’s feeble attempts to rebrand as a group that does hip hop features, this is a perfectly pleasant and anodyne bit of disco filler.

Nortey Dowuona: This has curlicue synth bass, with slightly warming synths and slick fingersnaps alongside bouncy drums while SZA glides above it without struggling as much as Adam Levine overstretches himself, stuck in his falsetto.

Ryo Miyauchi: Adam Levine and SZA never answer the “what” of the song. The two instead dance around words in this synth-funk so much, to the point their filler “say say say”s feel like incomplete blanks than a worthy hook. It’s a shame they settle with something half-finished, because the bridge alone hints at a more delicious drama than what’s actually given.

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