Friday, September 15th, 2017

Lindsay Ell – Waiting on You

And WE’RE waiting on a less rote song…


Julian Axelrod: Despite the chorus’s lovely bottle rocket metaphor, Lindsay Ell doesn’t need any fireworks to get her message across. Instead, she tells off her almost-lover in the gentlest terms possible. You can tell that she’s hanging on to her last shred of patience, talking to this clueless guy like a weary mother telling her toddler to please stop wandering off in the grocery store, Brentley. But the pleasantries only make her words hit harder. If I have one criticism, it’s that Ms. Ell is clearly too good for this schmuck.

Nortey Dowuona: Chill, anodyne country as Lindsay reapplies the lessons of Sheryl Crow and Shania Twain with the twangy at times fuzzy guitar, slick sliding guitar, unobtrusive bass and heavy, clumsy drums.

Edward Okulicz: Could easily imagine this as a cut from any of a dozen women over the last ten years, perhaps Sheryl Crow’s The Globe Sessions with a bit of glamour from Maren Morris’s Hero. Those are positive things to be compared to, as this is a tight, classy song that draws from quality AOR as much as anything. The frustration is palpable even through the warmth.

Stephen Eisermann: I adore the bluesy, southern-rock composition and guitar solo, but the chorus just really holds this back. The pedestrian lyrics are one thing, but Lindsay’s emphasis choice in the chorus feels off and almost happy in what should be a soulful number with some ache to it. Stylistically speaking, it just doesn’t make sense.

Alfred Soto: She and the guitars growl with conviction, but the similes might’ve come from a dictionary I search of rhymes.

Ashley John: A John Mayer song but by a female country singer. In other words, a significantly better version of John Mayer but a solidly middle of the road country song. 

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