Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Sunmi – Gashina

Former Wonder Girl, not so wondrous reception…


Alex Clifton: If you’re looking to do a vengeance track, this is how you do it. Sunmi laments an ex leaving her but remains entirely in control: she’s far from being victimised. The question “why are you leaving me?” starts as accusatory, but it ends as a delicious taunt. “Gashina” evokes the feeling of showing up to the club looking phenomenal while your ex stands in the corner in a slubby shirt, spilling beer on themselves. It’s walking past them with your head held high, never bothering to look back, knowing their eyes are on you. And it’s the satisfaction of having left them alone in the dust while they crumble in your shadow. Burn down the town, Sunmi. I’ll be right behind you.

Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa: The Teddy/Sunmi tandem makes so much sense, both on paper and in practice, it almost makes you forget how much having a drop instead of a melodic hook can damage a track like this. When she leads, “Gashina” is captivating; this is the right setting for her to shine. Too bad she spent half of that time fighting her own beat. 

Alfred Soto: What’s going on in the chorus I can’t say, but the track makes a helluva racket.

Ian Mathers: “[Her agency] said that her song title 가시나 had three meanings – 1) To have thorns, 2) Are you leaving me?, 3) a group of beautiful flowers”, and certainly going by the English subtitles on the official video the writers have done a good job of marrying just about every line to one of those meanings in a way that feels accomplished rather than forced. At first the two-part (three-part?) chorus feels a bit lacking, but it’s surprisingly quick to hook you in, actually earning the moments when the bass bins boom so loud they threaten to overwhelm the rest of the track. Those bits feel so good you wish they’d done a little more with that element.

Jessica Doyle: It’s not that Sunmi does a bad job, sounding simultaneously confident and vulnerable, but this could have been billed as Lia Kim ft. Sunmi, for the amount the choreography has contributed to the song’s rise. I don’t find Teddy’s contribution terribly interesting.

Tim de Reuse: The instrumental has plenty of detail, but there’s little weight behind its airy guitar strums and obligatory distorted hook; it dutifully buoys Sunmi from point A to point B with little sign of exertion or effort. Her delivery is forceful and direct; unfortunately, what she’s singing over isn’t quite as convincing.

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10 Responses to “Sunmi – Gashina”

  1. lol not teddy riley hun

  2. Drop is ass, but it’s a Teddy song so I’m not surprised.

    What does shock me is her voice. Who made her sing like this? Her vocals were so soft and lovely on Reboot and Why So Lonely EP

  3. Editing error, has been fixed, please don’t be a condescending asshole to our writers.

  4. As per Jessica’s blurb, my dash kind of blew up with gifs (and therefore removing the music) of the gender swapped choreo. People still like that good ol’ fashioned queerbaiting!

  5. To be fair, a lot of Lia Kim’s choreography ends up taking the song to the next level… see Cactus ( for honestly, the best example.

  6. Yeah, I definitely like this more as a star vehicle for Sunmi than as a song.

  7. I also have to admit that the reason why I initially listened to it was with the gender-swapped choreo? which is a very transparent admission of who I am as a person.

  8. She also choreographed both of Sunmi’s previous solo singles (“Full Moon,” “24 Hours”), “I Feel You” and Twice’s “TT”.

  9. Oooh, I’ll have to check those out–I’ve seen the video for TT several times but hadn’t paid as much attention to the choreo. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Lia Kim’s choreography for TT is … really different than what Twice ended up doing, though. She also choreographed Very Very Very for I.O.I but I haven’t found a full clip of what she originall did for them.