Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Stefflon Don ft. French Montana – Hurtin’ Me

Sad for the summer :,(


Crystal Leww: French Montana is 0 for 2 on adding any sort of value to quiet bangers this year, but that’s okay — Stefflon Don plays the Swae Lee role on this, and makes those steel drums sing and cry at the same damn time. “Hurtin’ Me” won’t be nearly as massive as “Unforgettable,” but it’s a shame. This is a post-summer fling comedown worthy of cooling weather. 

Stephen Eisermann: This breezy island jam follows Rihanna’s “Work” outline a little too closely for me to comfortably enjoy. Releasing songs that are this reminiscent of huge singles is fine as long as you manage to be as good or better, but this is neither — it’s just louder. 

Ashley John: “Hurtin’ Me” sounds like summer dragging on too late. The beat is warm and light, the melody is sweet, but the song feels like it lingers without a strong purpose. French Montana’s verse passes without much value, and the song is over before you have enough time to form a solid opinion about it. While I tend to enjoy vulnerability set to a catchy beat, this one feels so hollow that it passes along in a final burst and fades away just as quickly.

Julian Axelrod: Stefflon Don shoots for a breakup anthem, but can’t be bothered to flesh out the relationship beyond “One time I made you breakfast.” When the musical and emotional highpoint of your song is a French Montana verse, you know you’re in trouble.

Will Adams: The pang of the strings and steel drums, delicately layered together, hit like tears pattering on the floor. Stefflon Don’s hurting, sure, but the loneliness comes through stronger, as each repeated “me, me, me…” tries in vain to shift his attention back.

Ramzi Awn: A simple tune with layers to match, “Hurtin’ Me” breaks out of the hip hop pack, in large part due to Stefflon Don’s voice. And the lofty synths aren’t hurtin’ anybody either. The single brings The Stutter back a bit too early and still manages to do all the right things.  

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