Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Christian Nodal ft. David Bisbal – Probablemente

Let’s end the day with some balladry, shall we?


Josh Langhoff: In the grand tradition of “Somethin’ Stupid,” a young boot-flaunting star teams up with a respected singer who’s twice as old to score a second #1 hit, in which the singers depict a let’s-say-undefined romantic relationship. There are differences, though. In “Probablemente,” teenaged Christian Nodal sounds at least twice as old as David Bisbal; “Probablemente” also has more accordion; but whoever played guitar for Frank and Nancy got to strum something less stupid than straight 8th notes the whole time.

Alex Clifton: At 18, Christian Nodal is certainly making a name for himself — “Probablemente” stands out for its simple vocal interplay between Nodal and David Bisbal. It feels like Nodal is aiming for something more timeless than his stateside peers, and for once it’s nice to have a teenager who’s not attempting to be the next Ed Sheeran or Chainsmokers (or both). Nodal’s voice is pleasant, plays well with Bisbal’s veteran vocals, and the song itself is gentle, albeit unstructured; there’s the vague hint of a chorus, and the song drags on for a minute longer than it should. A breezy, charming tune, although I’d love to see what this kid can do with a few more years under his belt. 

Alfred Soto: Mariachi with the graceful, passionate anonymity at which the genre excels, but with a transcendent moment when David Bisbal reminds listeners of what’s at stake.

Hazel Robinson: “What the fuck is this,” I just heard myself audibly whisper. I guess… I guess it’s great that someone is catering for the market of the 80 German pensioners I was once trapped on a boat trip in Croatia with, who would be down as heck for this. But accordion mid-speed balladry? I am afraid it is most certainly a no from me. 

Stephen Eisermann: A stunning mariachi ballad led by Christian Nodal whose is complemented perfectly by David Bisbal. Truly, the strums of the Spanish guitar accompanied by the provocative trumpet and the playful accordion make for a superbly romantic canvas and this allows the lyrics to paint a heartbreaking picture of a man longing for a lost love. Furthermore, the vocal back and forth between Nodal and Bisbal fits the music perfectly, as the ache in their voices colors the song with a melancholy blue making it hurt all the more. Beautiful track, beautiful instruments, beautiful voices, beautiful song.

Rebecca A. Gowns: In the spirit of an old bolero: a simple song sung well, with plenty of accordion to serve as the romantic rose fondant on top of the cake. You don’t need much more than that!

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6 Responses to “Christian Nodal ft. David Bisbal – Probablemente”

  1. I’m so sad you guys didn’t connect with this one as much as I did!

  2. having given it a few more listens I would raise my five to a six–it’s definitely sweet and not what I expected, although a bit slow for my tastes, but so far it’s holding up!

  3. i did stephen… i did :’(
    *accordion shifts into minor key and rose petals get swept away by the wind*

  4. You did, Rebecca, thank you.

  5. you might have already done this, but if you all like “probablemente” i recommend you listen to the rest of nodal’s album — for better or worse, it all sounds pretty much like this, and thom jurek at allmusic is calling it the best mariachi album of the year. (i’d vote for alicia villarreal’s, but that’s the only other mariachi-adjacent album i’ve heard.) i still love “adios amor”!

  6. @josh, yeah the album is terrific. He’s going to be a staple for years to come, I think.