Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

Craig David – Heartline

Producer goes uncredited, decades of musical precedent suddenly come off as a shocker…


Alfred Soto: Thus another vet succumbs to the trop house siren call.

Scott Mildenhall: Craig David revivalism, what hath you wrought? At this stage, his succession of singles with their hitmaking producer given artist credit are at risk of merging into one. Jonas Blue hasn’t even got his name on this, and yet it still seems more like his than a CD solo effort. It wouldn’t be a problem were it not so much weaker than the interchangeable “Ain’t Giving Up” and “Nothing Like This,” so naff as to make “World Filled With Love” blush. And “World Filled With Love” was kind of good! Given a choice between this and preposterous odes to Instagram, it’ll have to be the latter.

Stephen Eisermann: “”Heartline”” manages to sound like both a throwback and trend-chasing, which is both a good and bad thing. Craig David’s voice naturally brings on nostalgic feelings due to his time in the industry, but parts of the song sound dated. Other times, it feels like Craig has managed to find the perfect modern composition, but even when the production plays well with his terrific voice, it sounds generic: a stale song, sung well.

Iain Mew: Craig David tries his best, but he is really wasted on another retread of Jonas Blue’s limited ideas. 

Will Adams: With all of the neon signs pointed at the drop, there’s no room for Craig David to shine despite being the lead artist. The chorus shows some initial promise, but then he’s made to rush through “putmyheartonthelineforyou” before we’re treated to Jonas Blue wringing his flute patch dry.

Andy Hutchins: Sub-boyband midtempo songwriting over a reheated, sub-DJ Mustard tropichill beat from the guy whose contributions to Earth are bad Bieber karaoke and a worse bastardization of a great song does not create a good song. Shocker. Craig David is only 36; the shameless trend-chasing is unbecoming at any age, though.

Edward Okulicz: Craig David’s best records are fun. They are slick and good to dance to, and have charm and character. Elevating a sort-of trop house thing should be a cinch for someone like him. But he’s drowning in the waves with this one.

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