Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Kah-Lo – Fasta

Harder, better…


Crystal Leww: Kah-Lo was one of my favorite finds of late 2015, and her follow-up collaborations with Riton have continued to bang. “Fasta” continues to position Kah-Lo as one of the most affecting and unique voices in dance music — the playful braggadocio of “set it off make a man go ummmmm”/”do it so good get a man confused” never fails to make me smile. This is the kind of stuff that artists like Santigold really helped popularize amongst a community in the late aughts — fun dance music that lets girls be their best selves — that’s been taken in so many directions. The good ones still stand out for their ability to rock a dance floor.

Anjy Ou: Nigerian playground games and ’90s house-pop are two things from my childhood I would not expect to come together in a song. But they did and it’s THE BEST.

Nortey Dowuona: Nice glass synths, a surprisingly lively bassline pushing forward pedestrian drums, while Kah-Lo spits some pedestrian lyrics that feels like this was meant for the end of the party, not at the party itself.

Alfred Soto: The cadences suggest Azealia Banks. Even the beat suggests producer SCNTST’s contributions. But it could be faster faster.

Ryo Miyauchi: Azealia Banks reduced to a dance instruction, “Fasta” gets by mostly on its blueprint. Say what you will about Banks, but she flexed her hand in curation as much as charisma: who else would think to swipe a Lone record? The anonymous yet workable rave tune of “Fasta” bumps my score here. Though like Kah-Lo, whose delivery needs some engagement, the beat’s paint-by-numbers drive is concerned merely with checking off the needed boxes and not much else.

Julian Axelrod: This fills the Azealia Banks-shaped hole in my heart so effectively I just googled “Kah-Lo problematic.” I’m not getting burned again.

Iain Mew: UMMMM.

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