Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Shekhinah – Suited

The vaguely-house-vaguely-EDM-borg-of-a-sound knows no borders…


Anjy Ou: Former South African Idol contestant turned house vocalist Shehkinah is on her first solo outing here. It’s a sweet and romantic R&B jam that’s straining towards being a house track, but needs a little more oomph in the production and more space to breathe in order to make it there. Taking another 30 or 60 seconds to develop its hybrid sound could have elevated this song to banger status, but it’s great as is.

Alfred Soto: I can hear longing in the dusky vocal, but the stutter effect is the third wheel that won’t stop.

Will Adams: A damn shame: the first minute comfortably shares space with “Akanamali” as far as a declaration of love set to gorgeous, wistful deep house. But then the DJ Snake vocal croaks barge in, out of place, distracting and not suited to the rest.

Jessica Doyle: The beat suffers for being too “Lean On”-esque, but there’s a melancholy in it matched by Shekhinah’s voice, as she alternates between the glory of her feelings and the reality of the relationship being smaller than such feelings. “What a love, what a love,” she keeps saying, as if she’s mourning the love even before it’s gone. I love songs that are willing to be full and ambiguous like this.

Tim de Reuse: Shekinhah’s voice is sharp, clean, and gorgeous, and her performance almost completely redeems her largely generic, scattered lyrics. The best bits are when her voice is layered over itself multiple times or when she’s singing in quick, syncopated bursts. The production fails to do her justice, though; her tone is airy and thin, the piano and bass aren’t nearly beefy enough to fill up the rest of the mix, and those abominable, weak squelches trying to masquerade as snare drums aren’t fooling anyone.

Ryo Miyauchi: Complete with a muted vocal blabber that sounds sourced from “Let Me Love You,” “Suited” is a tender piece of current-day pop DJ Snake wishes he could’ve produced. Those slightly plaintive touches of piano might drift the record away from the dance floor, but Shekhinah sounds so happily lost in her own little world, she probably wouldn’t mind being left out.

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One Response to “Shekhinah – Suited”

  1. I’m such a clown for not reviewing this. After hearing it open Maphorisa’s Boiler Room, I’ve not been able to *stop* listening to it and it’s probably like top 5 streamed track for me this year. Honestly what a romantic banger.