Monday, November 6th, 2017

Lil Pump – Gucci Gang

Julian’s blurb better appear on the promo sticker attached to the album cover…


Alfred Soto: My fellow Miamian likes girls and girls on twenty kinds of pills, and if they’ve got cocaine in ’em, even better. Rather than displays of rue, Lil Pump goes for cheerless revelry, with tics lifted from Rae Sremmurd, Future, and god knows what other mixtapes. It takes talent to be this stupid. 

Will Rivitz: I’m all for the Florida sound taking over hip-hop in 2017, but Pump has neither the intensity, the charisma, nor the technical skill — I lost track of how many bars were delivered off-beat about halfway into this song — to be an adequate representative of the scene. On “Gucci Gang,” he raps like he’s already lost interest in the song, maintaining exactly the same timbre and tone throughout; unlike better rappers who do the same thing, like 21 Savage and Uzi, the singular flow he chooses is boring and flat. Punchlines like “Your momma still live in a tent” and “Bitch, your breath smell like some cigarettes/I’d rather fuck a bitch from the projects” mirror his flow. At least the beat is decent.

Nortey Dowuona: My roommate started dancing. That’s good enough for me. EDIT: He stopped and I realized the empty, bass-heavy beat wasn’t helped with more synthesizers.

Julian Axelrod: Look, everything is terrible right now and I just don’t have it in me to hate this kind of mind-numbingly dumb, insanely fun trap. This is undoubtedly the Sgt. Pepper’s of songs about Gucci gangs.

Hannah Jocelyn: The title of “Gucci Gang” is said so often that in lieu of an ad-lib, there’s just another, more different “Gucci Gang” dubbed over. Thankfully, the song doesn’t take itself as seriously as something like “Magnolia,” which is why I can’t hate it too much. 

Stephen Eisermann: Repeating your song’s title twelve times in the chorus doesn’t make for a good hook — it just makes you annoying. It’s bizarre, really, that the grating chorus is what stuck out to me the most when there are numerous displays of toxic masculinity, materialism, and misogyny littered throughout. The chorus is just… that bad, and no knock-off Yamaha beat can save it.

Eleanor Graham: I’m glad that Lil Pump is having fun, because he’s the first artist I’ve ever reviewed who is younger than me. But I’m also really not, because when it comes to the Soundcloud-Percocet vanguard who take an academic interest in noughties emo and make Abel “the only girls we fuck with seem to have twenty different pills in them” Tesfaye sound like Barry Manilow, it is go bleak or go home. When you reach a critical mass of desolation, it becomes euphoric — the glorious, sickening rush of “she said I am not afraid to die” or “I could take you there but baby, you won’t make it back.” Half-arsedly slurring “my bitch love do cocaine” with the disposition of Tom Haverford will not provoke the same response, actually.

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4 Responses to “Lil Pump – Gucci Gang”

  1. confession: I’m Lil Pump

  2. With the lighter in his hand, Lil Pump looks like he’s spray painting a rainbow onto his teeth.

  3. i was pretty proud of this screencap tbrr