Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Bolbbalgan4 – Some

Ahn Ji-Young agrees with us.


Ian Mathers: If you check out the lyrics and video here, there’s a consistant, almost archly ruthless undercutting of the romantic tropes they/the song are also yearning for that’s as keen and weirdly moving in its push/pull tension as, say, The Go-Betweens circa “Right Here” (even while this duo’s on-camera dynamic seems a bit more Pet Shop Boys, also a plus). Luckily both are finely crafted, effervescent songs just as moving as they are clever (and cleverly framed). In a standard romantic song “can I just say I like you?” and “show me your mind, no don’t show me” would play as straightforward expressions of anxiety about a possibly unrequited crush, but here they do that and express a desire to just skip this bullshit, an acknowledgment that the actual human being on the other end of our feelings sometimes doesn’t matter as much to what we’ve constructed in our head, etc. They may be trying to express the complex feelings of puberty, but damn if that doesn’t lead to a love song that feels awfully grown up.

Alfred Soto: The lyrics, which I happened to glance at, balance romantic vagaries against sharpness, but the acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies are as sweet as cotton candy. I know, I know — I shouldn’t need a lyric sheet.

Will Rivitz: I still don’t think anything within the general domain of the Adult Contemporary charts will ever be absolutely stunning, but this one at least makes me want to reconsider.

Iain Mew: Sounding both more conventional and even sweeter than “Galaxy,” they’re close to fading into bland comfort. There’s just enough tension and enough sense of relatable and less comfortable emotion in there to keep it from going all the way.

Nortey Dowuona: Solid, churning organ chords, slight acoustic gutar, nondescript bass and…drums. The smooth curlicue singing from Bolbbalgan lifts the whole thing and flies it aloft.

Mo Kim: Feels like a warm walk through a snowy day, rendered just that extra bit more colorful through Ahn Ji-Young’s plucky vocal performance and organs that float through the track like heat from the radiator.

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