Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Yxng Bane – Rihanna

Let’s just say we’re anti…


Katherine St Asaph: “Pour It Up,” where “it” is sludge.

Iain Mew: “Bad like Rihanna” seems a more likely compliment than “Walks Like Rihanna,” but I’m not sure it’s wise to draw attention to the fact his song sounds like “Work” without the hooks.

Alfred Soto: Allusions and homages are easy to fuck up. I tend to think the homage/allusion should honor the characteristics that inspired it in the first place. This British-Congolese rapper doesn’t come up with anything beyond “Gimme your love/you know you’re bad like Rihanna” over ice cold trop house beats.

Nortey Dowuona: Soft yet firm drums, clinking synths, a soft, just out of sight bass and soft, soothingly autotune vocals from knockoff Kojo Funds. Cuul.

Ashley John: Lightweight and easy to love, Yxng Bane gives us a track that’s honest and straight to the point. I can’t help but be a little endeared to the Rihanna tribute and the translation of that into the ultimate compliment to give someone. No doubt that Afro-Bashment is here to stay, and I feel lucky to be able to watch the incremental slide and transformation of it into the mainstream. 

Ramzi Awn: Yxng Bane delivers a solid melody on “Rihanna,” but the over-production doesn’t do any favors for his flow. As deliberate Auto-Tune has become more and more the trend over the years, it has proven difficult to argue for its relevance.   

Julian de Valliere: It’s time we put some respect on Rihanna’s name and leave her out of any song that isn’t a [9] or higher. Yxng Bane’s done a far (far, far) better job with his reference than The Wanted, but “Rihanna” suffers from sounding constantly at odds between being casual and confessional.

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