Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Clean Bandit ft. Julia Michaels – I Miss You

I miss video games.


William John: Though her lurching cadences are now as much zestless cliché as they are charming idiosyncracy, Julia Michaels is in full, breathy flight on “I Miss You.” She’s backed by Clean Bandit, who, after accomplishing a Christmas Number One with something rather transgressive, are poised to achieve the same feat again this year with a song of more conventional form. It’s form, however, which holds this back from true majesty; whoever decided to follow Michaels’s vocoded pleas and the rolling snare with an anti-chorus of drab humming should’ve slept on it and redrafted things the next morning.

Stephen Eisermann: Julia Michaels’s style is the perfect fit for Clean Bandit. Her weird vocal tics complement the piano and underlying tropical beat well, but I can’t help but wonder how this would’ve sounded in someone like Selena Gomez’s hands. See, when you’re as prolific a writer as Michaels is, artists will seek you out and often throw their style on your music, and sometimes do you, just better. We saw that when Gomez took on “Bad Liar,” and this pretty one-note song is just the right amount of easy to sing for Selena to knock out of the park.

Nortey Dowuona: Julia is a really good singer. Also, the smooth, vibrating strings, soft, careening piano, snapping and bouncy drums and slick Mediterranean synths buoy her voice alongside the full, vibrating vox synths behind her.

Joshua Copperman: The only things I don’t like about this song are the clunky “bottle” line and the relative absence of the strings in comparison to Clean Bandit’s other songs. Otherwise, between the martial drums and Julia’s best vocals to date, it’s some top-tier stuff for everyone.

Ryo Miyauchi: Clean Bandit keeps tilting “I Miss You” slightly to reveal new sides to their dance-pop from soft-touched piano house, low-end club track to whatever genre welcomes that squealing sound as a drop. But the most jarring switch is when they cut the beat only to let the marching-band percussion punch through the silence — one hair-raising spike from emotional peace immediately to total havoc.

Will Adams: The ballad-turned-forlorn-trop-house template has become so pervasive as to be an automatic deterrent, but the unexpected sonic elements here — snare rolls, vocoder, the interplay between Michaels’s hum and the flute — help elevate it to the level of Clean Bandit’s sweeter fare.

Katherine St Asaph: I had a blurb all ready to go about the processing on Michaels’ vocals and the percussion and how weird it is in a great, pop-boundary-pushing way. Then the song remembered it was a Clean Bandit song and warped right back to the tropical Bermuda Triangle.

Alfred Soto: The world needed Julia Michaels going trop house, issue-free.

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  1. I miss my mom.

  2. the bridge of this is so lovely and it leads to… not much

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