Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Readers’ Week 2017

Though it’s often felt like everything has only gotten worse in 2017, there was at least a lot of new music–too much for us to have caught it all. Luckily, we have you, our readers. If there’s a song you’d like us to cover which was in some way a single in 2017, let us know.

Please email with details of your song by midnight at the end of Saturday, November 25th. One choice per person, please. Here is a list of what we’ve already covered. As always, suggestions from outside of what we normally cover in geographic or genre terms are very welcome. We’ll pick fifteen songs, and run them on the week beginning December 4th.

We also love reading what you have to say about your choices. If you submit a blurb along with with your song, we’ll run it on the site, either as part of an entry if we pick the song, or as part of a round-up post of everything we didn’t pick. Don’t feel that you have to write a blurb, though – all submissions are welcome regardless.

We look forward to hearing from you!

4 Responses to “Readers’ Week 2017”

  1. I have already made my submission but I want to just list all the songs not covered this year that I loved, because I might explode otherwise. Maybe someone who couldn’t think of a song is reminded of something by this list and wants to submit it? Also, if someone has already submitted anything on here, I would like to express my enthusiasm at you guys covering it. Looking forward to Amnesty week!

    Serebro — ? ???????
    AOA — ???????
    Rasmus Seebach — 2017
    Evelina — Tornado
    Mathew V — Tell Me Smooth
    GLIM SPANKY — ?????????
    Judith Holofernes — Ich bin das Chaos
    Ralph — Tease
    Joakim Lundell — Monster
    Rhys — Too Good To Be True
    Frankie — Paper Doll
    Through Juniper Vale – Fractions

  2. Aaaand the speciel foreign characters on here all died. The songs were:

    Serebro – B KOCMOCE
    AOA – Ai wo choudai (even though this was fully in 2016 but still)
    Glim Spanky – Fukinuku Kaze No Youni

  3. (pssst Feathers I’m with you with the love for AOA)

  4. Wait a Minute! By Willow (smith)