Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Javiera Mena – Dentro de Ti

Longstanding Jukebox fav hits a little below par this time…


Will Adams: Javiera Mena’s set a high bar, which is why this didn’t grab me until the instrumental bridge around 2:35, where a gust of wind whips up and her voice ricochets across the stereo field. Though less impactful than what she usually manages, “Dentro de Ti” is a fine entry in her rich catalog of ice dusted electropop.

Alfred Soto: A shimmering little thing comfortably in Javiera Mena’s wheelhouse, just making it thanks to a synthesized breakdown in the middle.

Iain Mew: The expected kinetic dancefloor emotion mix is present and correct, but somehow dulled. Maybe it’s just familiarity and the lack of any big dynamic moments, but listening feels lile there’s a layer of cotton wool between me and the full Javiera Mena effect. 

Ryo Miyauchi: The chiptune blips plus the mention of New Delhi and New York give Javiera’s rather pensive dance-pop the feel of a search for The One in a metropolis. The tenderness of it all makes her gaze deeply wholesome, and no longer meek nor overly showy with her desires as she was in her various records from the past.

Julian de Valliere: I’m chalking it down to the combination of that fantastic, intensity-building “rior-rior-rior” hook and those endless, otherworldly synths, but “Dentro de Ti” feels like a Bullet Bill ride down Rainbow Road — except with blissful serenity subbing in for anxiety-fueled rage.

Stephen Eisermann: People spend their whole lives in search of happiness, but too often we are met wit the question of how to define actual happiness. “Dentro de Ti” is this question in song form. The pulsing percussion, the electronic sounds, the detached vocal performance — it all amounts to that wonderfully striking feeling of “wait… is this what happy feels like?” Devastating and beautiful, haunting and groovy, all that’s left to do is keep dancing in the middle of the club hoping that you’re doing “happy” right.

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5 Responses to “Javiera Mena – Dentro de Ti”

  1. Fantastic!

  2. ‘below par’ is preferred, tbh

  3. love the blurb, Stephen!

  4. Thank you, Ryo!

  5. Very sad I didn’t write about this. To me, it’s a [9]. I love how Javiera shifted to a more delicate and glosy synthpop — especially after the over-energetic and almost grotestque sound of Otra Era (especcially “Espada”). This change can be seen in the new music video too and the lyrics — this time she sings about someone who lives with high culture and sails on a yacht on the Medterranean sea.