Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Bad Bunny x Prince Royce x J Balvin – Sensualidad

Class, I hope you’ve all studied your Bad Bunny and Prince Royce and J Balvin times tables…


Ryo Miyauchi: These pretty boys already know how to soften masculine pop rap very well, but why not? Let’s candy coat their shtick even more with pianos borrowed from Lil Yachty B-sides. The fluff doesn’t change the fact the outside only matters for them with their verses only a presentation of sensuality without actually being all that sensuous. Though, the shallowness is more humorous than anything from how on-brand it is. Considering his more sensitive persona, it’s only right J Balvin’s girl got on a Drake hoodie.

Alfred Soto: Latin American trap rap with as much imagination as a plastic cup with a smashed cigarette. The Prince is fine if unspectacular, but Bad Bunny’s unmovable delivery and groan-inducing come-ons are at the “What’s your sign?” level of wit.

Anjy Ou: I get that trap rap is all about drawing your words out, but Bad Bunny raps like he can’t quite get his tongue around the words, so he’s a split second behind the beat, and it slows the whole thing down. J Balvin and Prince Royce match the tempo better, but the instrumental is simplistic, and that electric organ line gets really old really fast. The song is like a Heineken beer — great name value but ultimately pedestrian.

Katie Gill: A sultry summer jam… released in November. I mean, it’s been 70 Fahrenheit a few times this week so I can’t really judge. And everyone involved nails that sexy summer sound, which perfectly fits the lyrics. It just feels a little middle of the road, a play by numbers summer jam that doesn’t really DO anything, especially with the backing. By the time that three minute mark hit, I was exceedingly desperate for the beat to change itself up, even just a little.

Micha Cavaseno: These are three melodically driven, rap-influenced vocalists all basically competing over an 808 for someone’s affection. In other words, it’s one part competitive singer seduction routine No. 5, part Latin American heartthrob cipher. How do I feel about this? Am I okay with this? Turns out very. The breeziness of “Sensulidad” and the relaxed atmosphere completely belies just how much effort each of these dudes is squeezing out of their every possible moment to one-up another and be the obvious star of the record. What a treat to be lavished with such effort and not feel like you’re being subjected as much as you are engaged.

Ashley John: All the sex appeal and all the fun got burned away in the trop-pop sun. 

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