Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Putochinomaricón – Gente de Mierda

And the award for Most Succinct Summary Of 2017 Via Song Title goes to this pick from Ewan…


Ewan Bleiman: If you judged Spain on the quality of its mainstream music industry, the verdict would be atrocious: dreadful singer-songwriters, ten-years-out-of-date indie groups, the least interesting interpretations of reggaetón you can imagine, a white and straight panorama that totally fails to reflect the changes that have happened in Spanish society over the last twenty years. Spanish YouTube, on the other hand, is fucking amazing: cumbia-tinged reggaetón by way of Argentina; comic feminist electroclash critiques of art history; Nigerian-Spanish moody trap; drag queen parodies better than anything the Ru Girls do; drag queen original songs better than anything the Ru Girls do; pummelling anthems about dick pics. This is Spain in 2017, or at least the version of Spain I want to live in. Putochinomaricón, as his name suggests, is a gay, activist Madrileño from a Chinese family with a sweet voice and a great ear for perfect melodies which often contrasts with brutal satire, seeming banalities about WiFi or barbed political assaults. “Gente de Mierda” does one of my absolute favourite things in pop: turning on pronoun ambiguity. You’re never quite sure whether it’s an empowering banger about throwing off toxic people in your life, a critique about how we blame everyone around us in life when we’re the problem, or an act of self-loathing. Maybe everyone, and everything, is shit. But more than anything else, what a chorus. This is what PC Music wants to be. One point removed for not being longer, but otherwise perfect.

Nortey Dowuona: Thick, raspy synth bass bounces alongside loping drum patterns while disappearing into a small yet foggy cloud of synths, releasing the tension built up during the verses. A perfect, simple little gem.

Alfred Soto: The nattering hornet of an electrobeat enters when I need it most, and the splendid diffidence of the vocal and lyrics was the right choice. Transplant Chenta Tsai to the States. Being a Chinesefagwhore would require splendid diffidence as survival strategy.

Crystal Leww: This reminds me of the late-aughts electronic indie music — sonically, the production reminds me of those kinds of loop-heavy and subdued bleeps, and Putochinomaricón even has the disaffected irony and sarcasm of Carles naming his track “Shitty People.” I don’t know if it’s aged particularly well, necessarily, but there’s enough for a nostalgia trip.

Will Adams: Nostalgia’s fine until its wires get crossed. So while the chipper pace keeps this light ‘n’ fun, the verse melody evokes “I Want You Back,” the chorus some long lost Euro-trance single from 1997, the vocal affect late-’00s electro-quirk like Hot Chip or Cut Copy, and I’m left confused.

Rebecca A. Gowns: Lovely and weird and friendly. Like a passed note written in code with hearts in the margins.

Madeleine Lee: With a title like that paired with a gentle, pretty melody like this, I expected this song to roast me alive. The lyrics are accusatory, but unlike the scathing “Tú no eres Activista” or The Barcelona Pavilion’s lo-fi barking, it feels like a song where you can join in too. The sweetness of the music isn’t only there for irony’s sake; it evokes the glee that comes from being able to tell a piece of shit person that they’re a piece of shit.

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One Response to “Putochinomaricón – Gente de Mierda”

  1. This is hilarious if you know Spanish. Even the description of the video is funny:

    “I wrote this one while walking in the park, while there was many dog shit around I realized that the real pieces of shit were us.”