Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Darin – Tvillingen

In which your astrology-ignorant editor wonders if naming a song after one’s sign is a total Gemini move or not (also, thanks to Andreas for this one!)…


Andreas Stahl: Judging by the length of the track, this was meant to be a Melodifestivalen entry for next year. I can see why that didn’t work out here despite the fact that Darin has sustained a bit of a career high after his appearance on Så Mycket Bättre and subsequent album: the producers of the Eurovision selection in Sweden like to showcase as a big a variety of songs with a clearly recognizable sound or genre as possible (this year they are allegedly hunting for a Melfest-“Despacito”). This has somewhat somber Swedish lyrics, and it’s musically a blend of Ed Sheeran and Darin’s previous acoustic album: a bit more built for sustained and repeated airplay than an impactful three minute stage performance. Consequently, I have played this a lot, and I’m not yet tired of it (though the same can not be said of any of the tunes of the ginger menace.)

Will Adams: Middle of the road Eurovision-ready pop for two minutes and forty seconds, intriguing bridge made up of hiccuping vocals for the remaining twenty.

Alfred Soto: Its smooth anonymity a plus, “Tvillingen” puts several regnant pop styles in its mission to recall 2002. 

Edward Okulicz: I’m somewhat amused that Darin’s own fansite says this is one of his most personal songs to date, because the idea of someone having another side (“the Gemini in me,” or perhaps “the twin in me,” the word could mean either) seems pretty banal, and the wild personality he sings about in the verses seems pretty average too. It’s a minor bop though; if Enrique Iglesias had been Swedish, this might have been what he’d have been doing in the early 2000s.

Katie Gill: This is a bop! It’s bright pop perfection, a beautiful mix of deliciously earnest and deliberately crafted. It somehow sounds like a nostalgic 2000s boyband throwback (the vocal layering, the bombastic chorus) despite the obvious modern touches (those first ten seconds, that Auto-tuned break). Add in the fact that I’m a sucker for any song with a good “HEY!” and this has definitely shot to the top of my listen-to list.

Ryo Miyauchi: Darin gets more mileage than expected from his astrology joke written to show off his actually-multi-faceted character. Where his proofs go too corny in service of his argument, the secondhand import of a tropic dance beat picks up the slack. And fortunately, the punchline is more of a pretty little bow tying the package.

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2 Responses to “Darin – Tvillingen”

  1. Strangely enough, the astrological part of the song did not even occur to me, I heard this entirely in an “evil twin” kind of way. This is in spite of Darin being an actual Gemini and that one of his previous hits from his SMB appearance is called “Astrologen” (“Astrologist”).

  2. “Evil twin” would have been a far more interesting subject!