Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Mabel Matiz – Ya Bu İşler Ne

And finally, via Rui, a Turkish artist and chart-topper…


Alfred Soto: With a hint of “Solsbury Hill” in the riff, Mabel Matiz takes this Turkish pop song with hints of folk to unexpected places — a track that balks against its limits.

Nortey Dowuona: Solid and indistinct drums, a nice fog of synths rumbling with a lumbering bass and a cast-off guitar and a trumpet somewhere in here. Matiz sings softly and indistinctly and leaves the spaces open.

Edward Okulicz: Definitely a lot to take in, but Turkish elements crept into the fringes of Western pop years ago, which means its tropes are comfortable while still being a nice change when you listen. The string sweeps bring up the curtain on some quality despair, and the effect is that of a poem I can’t understand on top of a delicate riff that I can.

Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa: Clever guitar/electrified oud playing aside, what makes this quite intriguing is the almost deep house-like gradual sense of release — the production space stars growing into the ether after the first pre-chorus, taking the main vocal into another dimension. It’s also a matter of finding the right tempo; the slightest bpm difference, in any direction, wouldn’t make it this enthralling. 

Madeleine Lee: Matiz is a magnetic presence, and his delivery of the cryptic lyrics keeps a light hand as he winds through the beat in complement to the rise and fall of the other instrumentation. As much as I like listening to this, though, I still think the instrumental break and outro are both twice as long as they need to be.

Alex Clifton: The video had me at the marble bust with the Bowie makeup; the song took a little longer to grow on me. However, it’s a slow build that’s worth it; the last minute crashes in all at once, becoming intoxicating. With lines like “the world falls apart,” this the sort of melancholic banger I can handle this year. A bit repetitive overall, but I care less about that when I’m dancing through the flames.

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