Saturday, December 9th, 2017

Taemin – Move

Happily, Taemin. And thanks, Emily!


Kalani Leblanc: Every knob is screwed in so tightly there’s no room for mistakes. I used to wonder why Taemin was SM’s favorite child, but with “Move” the question becomes obsolete. With every solo he releases, he inches further towards something greater. Danger was dramatic and begging for Michael Jackson comparisons, Press Your Number/Drip Drop took the formula and matured it, but Move stripped the formula further. Taemin’s admittance of flaws and refusal to stop learning makes me wonder what is to come (and how he could ever top this).

Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa: The track’s named Move, but you can’t help but feel trapped in this robot funk. Luckily, Taemin knows how to glide with grace through such small aural room. 

Madeleine Lee: Where Taemin’s previous solo singles cloaked him in the work of other artists, spiritually (“Danger” and Michael Jackson) or literally (“Press Your Number,” co-written by Bruno Mars), on “Move” he reveals his own vision: matte-surfaced, ambiguous, and at enough of a remove to compel you to follow.

Alfred Soto: I suppose when I want good Weeknd it should sound like “Move”: twitching synths that don’t telegraph their sleaze, vocal that doesn’t telegraph its acquaintance with evil.

Nortey Dowuona: Solid, flat drums, soft, scraping synths, jumpy, rumbling bass and soft stabs of piano fill Taemin up as he coos with a raspy, throaty intensity and his smoothed out vocals cheer him on from the sides of the synths.

Will Adams: Like “Into You” at 60% power.

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