Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Ramz – Barking

+1 knowledge of London geography


Iain Mew: Barking: the destination for District line trains that aren’t going all the way into East London suburbia. The kind of place that produces John Terry and needs a memorable election defeat for the far right. Or just a name that rhymes with some verbs and “morning” over the lightest of sing song bliss. That works.

Scott Mildenhall: On one level, the extremely mainstream success of a song like this for an initially unsigned act like Ramz looks like a win for the democratising effect of the internet. On another level, its focus on Barking makes it a symbol and reinforcer of the extents of London’s inordinate cultural and economic power over the rest of Britain. It’s a mixed bag! Ramz isn’t to blame for that, of course, and he has a catchy hook among the lorem ipsum, but if he’d written this about Ladywood, it probably wouldn’t be being reviewed here.

Ramzi Awn: Like a subpar Ciara track, the hook doesn’t warrant the repetition, and Nikes have been trollin’ for a while now. Adidas where it’s at.  

Ryo Miyauchi: Good hook, but there’s not much attached to it. The references here are tedious things that buy time rather than actually tell why Ramz is so envied. Except maybe the mention of his Colgate teeth, where he slyly slides in Auto-Tune for the stretching of the syllable like he’s genuinely proud of his pearly whites.

Alfred Soto: Simulating exhaustion exposes the artist to sounding exhausted. The chiming Afro-trap melody and beat don’t mitigate the lethargic rhymes.

Micha Cavaseno: The Afro-trap sound’s been milked to the point of absolute saturation, so I can’t blame Ramz for being a bit worn out. Yet at the same time, he’s approaching K.I.G. “Head, Shoulders” level nursery rhyme bars here, and the production is ready to put me down in the crib.

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