Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Steel Banglez ft. Yungen, MoStack, Mr Eazi & Not3s – Bad

Not quite complete title justification…


Alfred Soto: “Badder than Al Capone smoking and drinking alcohol” — whaaa? “Worse than listening to trop house percussion sober.”

Will Adams: There are a lot of clunkers to wade through here, but Steel Banglez’s production is a treat in itself: buoyant dancehall with square synths bubbling underneath.

Hannah Jocelyn: Did you see what they’ve done? They came with a DJ Khaled posse cut and left with a British one. No, that doesn’t scan, but it sums up the context for this song, an ode to a girl that’s just “one of the guys.” Which, no, but for what it is, it’s a fun enough song. I especially like the intentionally clipped editing on Mr Eazi’s verse, as well as the anecdote about The Girl saving him from the police. The other verses aren’t quite as memorable (though “that’s why i’m fucking with her/that’s why I’m rocking with her” stands out as irritating to me), but the beat is bouncy enough and the performances are ebullient enough to make this worth hearing.

Iain Mew: I haven’t gone for Not3s much before, but his verse up front is comfortably the highlight. “She can still roll Dixie chicken shop with me, she don’t care about no Hakkasan” gives more character to the girl “Bad” is theoretically about than the rest of the song put together, a relationship and shared choice instead of just a way of reflecting on himself.

Juana Giaimo: A standard dancehall single about that doesn’t have much to offer. Only one rapper would have been enough to describe a girl who is bad because she smokes and drinks alcohol. Also, MoStack kind of vomiting that “bad” at the end of each line of the chorus is quite unbearable. 

Micha Cavaseno: Now on one hand, there’s some logic to be found in assembling this cast of characters for a serviceable dancehall/afro-trap crossover, and Steel Banglez’s production is hardly the weakest link. But a great deal of the reluctance to crown this a banger comes from the selection of guests; MoStack getting relegated to simple hook duty when his verse would no-doubt be the piece de resistance is a Future-in-2011-level oversight. Mr. Eazi turns in a great performance, Not3s does as good as he can and Yungen is just maybe a little too effervescent. Still, not the worst thing to come out of the scene in a while.

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