Monday, February 19th, 2018

Russell Dickerson – Yours

No, you can keep it…


Alfred Soto: Days after Dierks Bentley reminded us and probably himself that women are beautiful, along comes this gaunt, splendidly coiffed dude with amnesia.

Ryo Miyauchi: “Yours” scans as country, however loosely, but more like “final scene of a 2000s sappy romance movie.” Said film would most likely not be a YA adaptation, maybe a release from the earlier half of that decade, or at least stick this in its soundtrack, which also features Nickelback and The Fray.

Jonathan Bradley: I’m reminded of an old gag about Christian rock, which posits that the genre rewrites secular love songs to make the object not a girl, but Jesus. In this case, Dickerson does the reverse: how sweet is this woman who saved a wretch like he. His verses are a succession of worn images, but, befitting a praise song, he dotes on his abjection as evidence of the miracle of his salvation. Yet for all the deeply felt fervor he summons in service of these burned-out stars and boats in bottles, Dickerson gives himself over to a life-changing void. “Yours” is a ballad of devotion devoted to no one; Dickerson wells with deep feeling, but, having summoned so much passion for his past, he has nothing to say about his future: it exists only in terms of what he’s now not. If he doesn’t care, why should we?

Stephen Eisermann: MOR, barely mid-tempo country, but there’s no objectification of Russell’s girl, so good job?

Katherine St Asaph: This was boring when Taylor Swift sang it and it was called “Mine.” Encasing it in a hulking ballad arrangement doesn’t make it less boring.

Anthony Easton: Dickerson’s voice is rich enough, but bland without any real spin or variation. The lyrics refuse specificity, and they don’t build. The narrative doesn’t grow from an arresting initial image. 

Will Adams: “A boat stuck in a bottle” is a neat summary, actually: a pretty mantlepiece that’s nice to look at for a few seconds, but any longer and you become intensely aware of its uselessness.

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One Response to “Russell Dickerson – Yours”

  1. honestly WILD that this song is just now becoming a thing. i saw dickerson open for canaan smith in december of 2015 playing this song and it’s grown on me a lot? i would have been a lot less harsh on this, but alas, it’s not exactly an unfair score lol