Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Jason Aldean – You Make It Easy



John Seroff: The only outstanding thing I noticed about Jason Aldean’s bog-standard honky-tonk sing-song ballad is that it’s presented online as a three-part “Original Single Series,” all three videos add up to about 15 minutes, and the only music for all three videos is “You Make It Easy.” Our hero spends roughly as much time talking to his car as he does his girl. Spoiler: he loses the car.

Alfred Soto: Lord knows Jason Aldean could use a cold shower, and his performance on “You Make It Easy” suggests he’s dried behind his ears, but as with so many of these recent valentines by country bros, he’s expending an awful lot of energy yelling about why she matters to him instead of loving her for her own sake. 

Thomas Inskeep: Aldean goes hard for Chris Stapleton’s territory here, taking a bit of a turn into country soul. It’s the best vocal I’ve heard from him in years — maybe ever — and the song is a stately waltz. I’m not mad.

Katherine St Asaph: ATTN: Jason Aldean: The Fifty Shades franchise is complete (thank god), and there is no longer any career reason to bite the tempo and arrangement of “Earned It.” Seems to help your music alright, though. Docked a point for “lovin’ up on you,” another one of those phrases that make it very easy for my internal organs to leapfrog into hell.

Jonathan Bradley: The soul touches sell this but also reveal how thin the composition is; the chorus is begging to continue with “…like Sunday morning.” The story is nice, but Aldean brings nothing the studio band didn’t already. A brief blues guitar solo exemplifies his song’s shortcomings: it’s pleasant, perfunctory, and more dependent on signifiers than any depth of feeling.

Stephen Eisermann: The bluesy, southern-rock arrangement is interesting and slick, but Aldean’s voice and the pedestrian lyrics weigh the song down. Tinniness and vague affirmations of love just don’t cut it anymore. 

Edward Okulicz: Against all good taste, when this turns up the rootsy, aw-shucksy hokum it hits the cheesy love song spot. Organ, steady drums, corny solo, hammy vocal performance, and Aldean’s serious about hamming this one up. Close your eyes, and you can see him pumping both his fists in the sky as he sings the chorus.

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