Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Mist – Game Changer

Stopping by Birmingham (UK, not US) for a bit…


Micha Cavaseno: Since his slow incorporation into the J Hus & MoStack axis of road rap, Mist has spent the last year working alongside producer Steel Banglez into becoming one of the top tier names with a catalog of dense hits and solid guest spots sporting a boxer-like weave to his flow. Anyone coming to discover this off something like “Game Changer” shouldn’t be surprised as Karla comes in with a casual tone and effortless dancing through the clusters of 8-bit noises and sprinkling pianos. More of a calm roller than his other tunes (and nowhere near the threat to people’s livelihoods that future single “Mosh Pit” threatens to be) but hardly something to scoff at.

Ryo Miyauchi: “Game Changer” fires too scattershot to be the witty, congratulatory anthem Mist thinks he made. A sputtering sound that’s actually welcome, though, is the beat’s wobbly arcade buzzer that channels old-school grime.

Will Rivitz: Utterly unremarkable grime would never have made anyone a “game changer,” especially not the kind of grime Hyperdub was already deconstructing more than a decade ago. Next.

Iain Mew: Picking up the title with retro video game squiggles but putting aside the opportunity to make any references to go with that shows Mist’s cool and confidence. I just don’t hear much else strong past those qualities in a routine tale told efficiently but without any really clever words or ideas.

Alfred Soto: “Just give me wealth and health,” he mumbles through murk after two minutes’ worth of garage bass, piano tinkle, and Atari 2600 beeps. Don’t let MIST’s baritone distract from the easy punch of his flow.

Katherine St Asaph: Steel Banglez’ beat is as reminiscent of arcade games, or perhaps slot machines, as Ms Dynamite and Labrinth’s (fantastic, still) “Neva Soft,” with a spritz of a piano line so it’s not so one-gimmick. Mist can’t help but be upstaged, but so would a lot of artists.

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