Friday, February 23rd, 2018

B Young – Jumanji

Hey, how’d Ashanti get our new number?


Katherine St Asaph: I tried looking up some Jumanji quotes to make this blurb a sick burn. Nothing really stood out, which fits. It’s not even the best track that flips one oughts R&B artist (the beat’s kind of a find-and-replace-six-notes version of the other day’s Craig David flip) and namedrops another (Ashanti) this week.

Micha Cavaseno: AntiWave deserve as much credit as possible for the perfect balance of rough with the smooth on this post-dancehall beat, and B Young’s most certainly delivering a performance to complement the riddim. But at the same time, when “live life Jumanji” (!?) is both the most memorable line and the most cheesy, it’s a bad sign for any future prospects from B Young’s career.

Juana Giaimo: “Jumanji” isn’t neccesarily misogynist, but this constant focus on the sexualization of women is also harming for society. It’s almost as if some male artists are trying too hard to see who can say the wittiest lines, but they should realize that it’s not clever to say “Girl, I’m loving your ratio.”

Tim de Reuse: The beat is pleasantly spacious, but the central line of “She wanna live life Jumanji” isn’t nearly clever enough to hold up an entire track. What remains is dirty talk that alternates between succeeding moderately (“Girl I’m loving your ratio”) and failing hilariously (“You got the cake and I got the icing”).

Claire Biddles: Who even knows what the reference to Jumanji is about, and the ~sexy~ metaphors are extremely laboured (“You got the cake and I got the icing,” really?) but this is fine for two and a half minutes, bobbing along with no light or shade. 

Stephen Eisermann: For a song this sexual, the production should do more than remind me of travel agency hold music; even B Young sounds unconvinced of his come on, opting for staccato phrasing that has his interpretation coming off more as a statement than a sexy serenade.

Ryo Miyauchi: B Young makes sure things at least sound good. Antiwave’s beat twinkles like a music box rendition of another road rap song. And really, why have I never heard anyone else use a nonsensical verb like “zing zing”? But just because “Jumanji” is a good-sounding word doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a fitting word to describe a lifestyle to pursue. He can only provide so much to distract before his shallowness starts to show.

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