Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Chris Jeday ft. J Balvin, Ozuna, Anuel AA, Cardi B, Offset, & Arcángel – Ahora Dice (Real Hasta la Muerte Remix)

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Juana Giaimo: The original version of “Ahora dice” is one of my favorite songs from 2017; J. Balvin, Ozuna and Arcángel take turns to create a perfect balance between the always smooth cadence of J. Balvin, Ozuna’s high pitch and Arcángel’s nasal voice. It’s a song that plays by accelerating the melody and slowing it down, making it both sensual and nostalgic. But this remix is something completely different; the only thing left is the trap base by Chris Jeday and the chorus. Six artists are a lot for only one song and in this version they seem to be each in a different song — the opposite to what happens in the original one! Only Cardi B stands out with her always strong vocals,  this time also showing she can be delicate when singing. Now I can’t wait for a collaboration between her and J. Balvin. 

Thomas Inskeep: Chris Jeday has written for just about every current star in the reggaeton universe, so when it came time for his second single, 2017’s “Ahora Dice,” he could cash in some chips: it featured superstar J Balvin, rising star Ozuna, and up-and-comer Arcángel. And it earned over one billion-with-a-“b” views on YouTube. So, almost a year later, how do you make it even hotter? If you’re Jeday, you add on the online-huge Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA, and then you spike the ball by bringing in the current queen of hip-hop and her crown prince, Cardi B and Offset. Like she does on Ozuna’s own “La Modelo,” Cardi sings en Español and then spits bars in English, and completely takes over the song. (Offset’s verse is fine, but it can’t compete with the fire his fiance brings.) Not to mention that the core melody of “Ahora Dice” is sugary-sweet like a bowlful of Pixie Sticks. This can’t miss, and it doesn’t.

Stephen Eisermann: Definitely a case of too many cooks and once again it’s Cardi who has the standout verse. Cardi’s assertiveness and confidence is palpable, but it’s becoming clear that Cardi struggles with the transition from sing-rapping to actual rapping, probably due to jus throw hard her flow is. Going from that level of aggression to a more subdued, sensitive song-rap style feels a bit unnatural, and her verse is weaker for it. Still, she’s miles ahead of everyone else on board, all who seem to blend together by the end.

Will Adams: The original “Ahora Dice” was the kind of subdued, slightly sad club jam that doesn’t call for an overstuffed posse remix. And yet here we are, with three more names added in the hopper to contribute verses that range from middling to… middling.

Edward Okulicz: I don’t really know how to evaluate this — it feels less like six distinct artists in the same song contributing their own ideas and personalities, and something more generic, as if you gave one Voltron-style personality six different briefs and put them together. Cardi B’s a star, sure, but on this evidence thrives in an environment tailored for her more than on a year-old track repurposed as an ensemble cut.

Alex Clifton: Not as cluttered as I expected a remix with six (!!!) different “featured” artists, but I don’t think this really needed six different people to add to it. Cardi’s verse is alright, but everyone else turns into vocal mush until I couldn’t tell whose song this was anymore.

Ryo Miyauchi: What lets this remix down isn’t a clash of egos between the men of reggaeton, who bring their own brand of self-aggrandizing in their respective tracks. Instead, it’s the other way around with each of their individuality getting washed out as they sing together as a collective voice. On a second thought, maybe they weren’t all that different from each other all along with the song’s pettiness easily traceable from any of these artists not named Cardi B or Offset.

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  1. oh man, this pic is gold

  2. Arcángel being anyone’s up-and-comer after a decade-plus doing his thing is erroneous