Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Alice Glass – Cease and Desist

You gotta fight for your right to make noise.


Ryo Miyauchi: Context forever haunts Alice Glass’s screams, heard over the crunchy electro beats not unlike the noisier bits of her former band Crystal Castles. Her voice always sounded urgent, but now it’s more heard as a physical struggle for breath. Every phrase here is a sentiment the corrupt powers do not want others in a similar position as Glass to hear; this sounds like a pirate transmission for a reason. And really, it’s something Glass has to repeat to remind herself she is in the right.

Tim de Reuse: Glass’s voice does a nerve-twisting, urgent wrench when delivering the refrain of “You have to fight RIGHT NOW;” the rest meanders about between those high points, unconcerned with build, direction, or sound design. It knows what it’s trying to deliver, delivers on its promise immediately, and undoubtedly says a thing worth hearing, but reaches no further; immediate and visceral upon first listen, but then you’ve listened to it, and there isn’t a lot left in there to listen to after that. And, sure, not every tune has to be a rock opera, and this doesn’t need to be anything more or less than Glass wants to make it, but I can’t help but wonder what this kind of fury would have sounded like in a more fleshed-out form.

Edward Okulicz: Cathartic and satisfying in a way, sort of like biting down on a particularly chewy biscuit, and having blood and ligaments come ozzing out. Okay, really it’s not a great deal of fun to listen to.

Alfred Soto: Industrial strength Bikini Kill is what “Cease and Desist” evokes. It doesn’t let up for a second; if it had been longer than 1:51 I would have asphyxiated. 

Will Adams: A wallop of battle cry industrial, like Björk’s “Declare Independence” if you chopped out the quieter bits and compressed the rest into two minutes. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s meant to be, and coming out on the other end feels like a first gulp of air after being trapped underwater.

Katherine St Asaph: Great title, and given real-life circumstances, pointed and harrowing. There are times when this has been the natural volume and emotional pitch inside my head.

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