Monday, March 5th, 2018

Khalid x Normani – Love Lies

Sounds like love needs to GET A JOB, right?


Alex Clifton: Khalid and Normani sound great when they sing together; I care less when they sing in isolation. Frankly I spent more time wondering what on earth this song has to do with Love, Simon, because that’s a gay coming-out story and these are two straight people making googly-eyes at one another. If we’re getting the gay teen rom-com we’ve needed, we deserve a better soundtrack for it.

Leah Isobel: “Love Lies” isn’t subtle, and its attempts to conjure feeling are fun but transparent; the delightfully manipulative record crackle that opens the song mostly comes off as camp. Normani sings the hell out of her verse regardless, and the hook is flattering enough to both vocalists that you can kind of ignore how none of the lyrical drama is interesting.

Alfred Soto: Maybe, I dunno, SZA and Miguel could have generated the necessary frisson. On “Love Lies” the principals do sound like they’re lying — about the results of this deflated tire.

Ryo Miyauchi: The musical chemistry is there, albeit more platonic than what the song asks for, but one of them can’t quite pull off their role. Khalid’s supposed to play the introvert while Normani tries to find out what he’s all about. He keeps to himself as he’s known to do, though he exudes less mystique than a simple lack of character. As always, it comes down to his singing which resides in a vague middle range where it’s neither sufficiently pained nor enthusiastic.

Stephen Eisermann: Chilled and romantic, this slow-tempo jam showcases both Khalid’s and Normani’s voices as well as their ability to interpret romantic lyrics. It can get a bit repetitive towards the end, but it’s a good introduction to Normani and I look forward to more solo tracks from the strongest Fifth Harmony member. 

Edward Okulicz: Weirdly, I find both Khalid and Normani’s voices to be nice but a bit blah on this track, too scared to move to the pulsing bass, but the whole song briefly comes to life when they blend on the chorus. He’s rough, she’s smooth and when they sing together they have a strange sweet-and-sour contrast that brings the chorus to life. There’s not enough of it.

Claire Biddles: “Love Lies” shares its chill approach with last year’s excellent American Teen, but dials it down to listlessness — Khalid is a star who can (and will) do better, but this is a little weak to really resonate. 

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3 Responses to “Khalid x Normani – Love Lies”

  1. this was nice, couldn’t figure out much beyond that to say (the curse of the [6])

  2. this song is just so boring

  3. fwiw this is still in the top 40