Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Tinashe ft. Future – Faded Love

Our first time covering her since 2016; has time been kind?


Crystal Leww: “2 On” feels like a lifetime ago. Tinashe didn’t just not get the career she deserved, but she’s gotten the kind of implosion that no one should ever hope for. “Faded Love” couldn’t pass muster for track 33 on a Jhene Aiko project. It’s completely devoid of feeling, and Future is still peddling the kind of “I have so many bitches but I’m cold” verse that wouldn’t be acceptable for a 25 year-old, much less a 34 year-old DAD. Tinashe needs to go to grad school.

Katherine St Asaph: I’m baffled how anyone on Tinashe’s team thinks they might finally launch Joyride with the fumes of this sixth-album-single-sounding track, but most of what Tinashe’s label has done in the past couple years has been baffling. Stargate turn in a sleepy version of a Drake track, a high imagined while sober and tranquilized. Noonie Bao’s lyric barely tries (also baffling: Tinashe doing a Stargate/Noonie Bao track — was her team’s takeaway from “2 On” really “we need to make her more like MØ”?), and Future is terrible. But Tinashe makes the result quietly insinuating anyway, as she generally does.

Alfred Soto: Nothing and everything has changed since 2015. Knowing Tinashe is still tripping on Future’s cigarettes and cologne is, I suppose, a comfort, and look — Future boasts about their spiritual connection! The stuttered chorus is lame like she’s never been. 

Leah Isobel: I normally like Tinashe’s softer vocal turns, but here her low-register Britneyisms are more hammy than hypnotic. Still, she knows how to stack up her harmonies for maximum affect. The way the chorus trips over itself mirrors the halting silences in the beat, and that stop-start tension is surprisingly durable — it’s at least enough to absorb a thoroughly mediocre Future verse.

Ramzi Awn: The simplicity conflicts with the samples on “Faded Love,” an ethereal island jam with the right syncopation but the wrong production.

Nortey Dowuona: The melting synths stick to the bubbling bass, and Tinashe softly hums as she circles the pit. Future… um, well, he hits a nice pocket in the middle, and that’s it.

Ryo Miyauchi: The repetition of the lyrics starts to wear the song out, more filler than genuine expression, so Future’s presence during the second pre-chorus is welcome. The actual verse, though, continues Tinashe’s curse of being handed poor rap features.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Aims for quiet sensuality, but its titular hook turns an already sleepy song into something affectless and annoying. This is sex as monotonous ritual, where the physicality of the act feels no more stimulating than turning on your work computer. Of course, that would be interesting if it were the song’s goal, but the two sing “let’s just feel this feeling” too hopefully for that to be the case. “Faded Love” does, however, describe my relationship with these two artists.

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  1. Everything she’s done post Aquarius has been so… questionable