Monday, March 12th, 2018

Sigala & Paloma Faith – Lullaby

The Jukebox celebrates National Napping Day…


Katherine St Asaph: Truth in advertising.

Will Adams: An unwitting defense for not crediting your house vocalists, “Lullaby” takes the anonymous pep of Galantis and distills it to its most numb conclusion.

Alfred Soto: The melody’s nice, if not exactly sweet, and Paloma commits to singing it, which is more than Sigala’s programmed pizzicatos can bear.

Will Rivitz: The negative consequences of the 2014 success of “Rather Be“: four years later, we’re still trying to make the same song again. The positive consequences of the 2014 success of “Rather Be”: four years later, we’re still trying to make the same song again. Something-something repetition in pop music, something-something staleness in ubiquity, something-something I am nevertheless a simple man with simple desires.

Ryo Miyauchi: Sigala rides on the back of Kygo-wave and makes use of the style’s compatibility with dance-pop that wears its heart on its sleeve. Thankfully, the producer knows sincerity by itself isn’t enough to sell a song. The synths switch to a more squiggly passage right when it counts, and Paloma Faith follows the cue to get a bit more playful.

Iain Mew: No “love” in the title this time! Yet there’s no greater depth to either the devoted message or the music: sunshine flavoured, from concentrate.

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