Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Kane Brown – Heaven

Purgatory, more like…


Iain Mew: Heaven being a place here with you is a sentiment old and repeated enough for songs to start adding twists referencing that, like the starry-eyed doom of Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.” Kane Brown plays it as straight as can be, but the line “everybody’s talking about heaven like they just can’t wait to go” still makes for a startling effect, since it’s rare to hear the line from someone so sincerely expecting actual heaven. Kane Brown keeps the song soft and detail-free enough that there’s barely anything else to it, but the strength of hearing a familiar idea afresh is enough that the focus works in his favour.

Alfred Soto: A reminder why Tracey Thorn and U.S. Girls still record songs that denounce the Madonna-whore complex. I mean, who is this “everyone” who talks about heaven? 

Thomas Inskeep: The production’s a bit too Sam Hunt-slick for my taste, but goddamn I love Brown’s voice — especially his lower register, which gives me shades of Josh Turner. 

Will Adams: Being told that you’re better than heaven isn’t exactly a glowing compliment coming from someone who can’t muster up any adjectives to describe it beyond “so good” and “so beautiful.”

Stephen Eisermann: Kane Brown deserves better than this corny nonsense: referring to descriptions of heaven as “so good, so beautiful” is insulting because of how pedestrian it sounds, and I’m not even religious! The rest is no better, and the song just powers through a bunch of lyrical garbage, which is a disservice to both Kane and the music. The tempo of this song complements Kane’s singing style and voice better than most of the stuff he’s released, but these lyrics are just so bad and ruin what could’ve otherwise been a very good song.

Katherine St Asaph: Heaven is a song where nothing ever happens.

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