Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Olamide – Science Student

Do you like drugs? “Science Student” doesn’t…


Ryo Miyauchi: While songs about the horrors of drug trips often have druggy textures to write the point home, Olamide makes one with rather sober-sounding dance music — and perhaps it’s too sober. He tries to carve a smoother flow out of the tense, stiff beat, but his grunts and snarls keep tripping over the shuffling drums.

Katherine St Asaph: An anti-drug song that proves its point by taking what might’ve otherwise been a stoned, dissociated rap track and making it even more distorted. The track picks up on the verses (even if those verses are Triplets, Pt. Infinity), but that just makes the rest, which might’ve been unpleasantly unnerving, simply unpleasant.

Julian Axelrod: Wait ’til the old dudes who think Lil Yachty is mumble rap hear this.

Crystal Leww: There are times where the vocal reminds me a lot of MC Bin Laden’s “BOLOLO HAHA,” perhaps with more melody at times. But Olamide’s goal here is to bludgeon you over the head with his voice, which just sounds like a constant assault unconcerned with charm or cleverness. I didn’t like “BOLOLO HAHA” the first eight times I heard it either, but something tells me that “Science Student” could really grow on me if it were remixed and just dropped into sets, too.

Stephen Eisermann: The drums provide Olamide with the perfect canvas to flex on, and his confident delivery makes this a blast to dance along to. The way he says “science student” alone is full of swag, but it’s nothing compared to his fluctuating flow throughout the rest of the song.

Iain Mew: The most impressive thing about “Science Student” is how convincingly Olamide sounds like a man speaking of what he knows when it comes to darkness, without him dwelling only in that or the song coming across like a lecture. Its super nimble beat has a lot to do with that success.

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2 Responses to “Olamide – Science Student”

  1. This one deserved better tbh.

  2. kinda agree? if only for the overlong video and thriller-esque dance sequence